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A bit more of the truth

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How odd the words of Neil Doncaster sit with the views of the eternal gripers who come on here. Certainly in contradiction to the repeated reports in the daily comics we were never offered anything hear what Portsmouth were claimed to be offering for Francis.

Nor were there any offers either from West Ham, Spurs or the multitude of others who were supposedly signing Ashton the next day. In fact it''s most likely that the two who did, Wigan and Man City, only made offers on the basis that Ashton would want to return to the north west and our club was ran in the same fashion as our third world neighbours. Doubtlessly those offers would have been made on those assumptions and would not have amounted to much at all.

Again it was not £2m being offered for Morrison either.

Unfortunately this has not stopped this board being plagued with endless witless bleats based on those factual innaccuracies. Whilst I''m not excusing the teams performances but I can''t help matters having all this ill informed rubbish flying about.

By all means lets keep the debates going, discuss the merits of such and such players and chew over the last game and the chances in the next game. But for the moment Worthington is the manager, this is the squad we have got and as that''s about it.

We may have stumbled a bit but the club is certainly in a position most of us could not have dreamed of a few years back. We''ve done our bit as far as that''s concerned by digging into our pockets for shares and packing Carrow Road out regularly.

At the moment the team isn''t in that position, Far from it. But there''s not much any of us can do in the way of adding to the squad or picking the team. Our bit is to get behind them 100%.

Even if that means through gritted teeth for some !

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