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Canary Mark

The Season From Here....?

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I''d like to just add my thoughts with regards to us playing at home and away.

I don''t think that it is any coincidence that we have not been playing so well at home since we went top. I don''t think its down to us suddenly being bad but since we went top it is clear that the opposition arrive at Carrow Road with the thought that a draw is a good result! For the first part of the season, teams seemed to be letting us play and that was their downfall! Now we aren''t being allowed to play and we are not yet sure then what to do.

Norwich always play better when the other team play football.

Bradford was a great example. 11 men behind the ball wherever possible. They worked hard and never gave us any time or space. Norwich have trouble breaking this down and that will always now be our problem at home I feel.

I think that our home form from now on may well be determined by how quickly we can get that first goal. If we go one up then the other team have to come out and we can then go on and win the game. If we stay 0-0 for a longer period, then we start to feel pressured to score and the opposition gain confidence.

Away from home and it is the home team that have to come out which is why perhaps we are playing better.

Our best form of defence is attack.

I can understand the teams at the lower end coming to Carrow Road just happy with a draw but it will be interesting to see how the likes of WBA, Sheffield Utd, Ipswich etc play at Carrow Road. I.E. I guess they will want 3 points. These games may well be our better chances of getting the points then the....dare I say it.....Bradfords and Watfords of this world (no disrespect)

What do others think?

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I agree exactly. I wrote basically the same thing on my thread every poor team is a boggie team (or something like that) a couple of days ago.
Check it out.

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