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St.John Cooper


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We were again totally rubbish. There are no longer two sides to the argument, In my opinion anyone who really thinks Worthy and his team should not be sacked is simply idiotic. So many of you said give him 10 games, well his 10 games are nearly up as will our season by then. Do you really think we can make up the points to catch top spot?  The last away win in the league was against crewe some 18 months ago. We got some half hearted win and there were such posts as normal service resumed and great performance. Well tonights shambles and I defy anyone to say it was not, has put pay to all that. Watford who are they anyway...clearly good enough to beat us!

Worhtys decisions tonight this season, pre season and all of last season have been madness, look how we rolled over and died at Fulham...we still have not recovered. Stop living in the past he has lost the teams confidence in his ability to lead and to inspire, he does no longer instill self belief in his team that is evident. Ipswich will beat us I feel certain and it wont be long before we lose again with another comedy of errors as a performance. It will give me no pleasure to say to all the blind worthy followers to say I told you so because by the time he or the board have the balls to go or to get rid of him our season will be over in terms of promotion.  We will lose are best players in January and it will be a long new year!  I truly feel let down by our team, manager and board. This is not good enough from our squad of players..On paper we have one of the best if not the best team in the division but they are not performing this can only be down to the management and coaching team, they have to go.

What I want to know, when all you fans who say give more time and that I am over reacting or worse am not a fan at all or even well who would you put in as manager. When will you resign yourself to enough, when will you say actually some of you may have been right and yes the time for him to go is now? 

Lets face facts we have not performed so far, we have not shown any signs we will, our confidence is rock bottom and teams are making us look second rate and average teams at that. We are in a terrible league position, leak goals and have no positive outlook. Some one needs to come in who will inspire and give back that confidence for this we need fresh blood. Do not be fooled by the statement his job is safe , for that to have even been made means its come up in discussion and how often have sackings followed such statements...I just hope for our sake it happens soon.

To lose again tonight and in the manner we played is simply not good enough so where does the buck stop?

Sort it out fast, write off this season and lets start rebuilding and planning for the next with a new manager at the helm, anything we do then get from this year will be a bonus.





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