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Bill Taylor

Worthington not feeling under pressure

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That was one of his most recent quotes,I find this surprising because in any other walk of life,managers who fail to meet expected targets soon find themselves under pressure.It would be interesting to be aware of the board''s idea of success NW has already received the dreaded vote of confidence. Also I cannot believe that he does not feel under pressure because surely he must set himself personal targets that he expects his team to achieve, and that a return of  6 points out of 24 is not acceptable. He cannot believe that this is the kind of results expected by the Board and most especially by the fans who consistently turn up to matches in huge numbers,we must be one of the best supported teams in the division.This season to date has been disastrous,three consecutive away defeats, finding teams like Crewe,Burnley Hull,etc above us is totally unacceptable.The board must find fairly shortly a manager who thrives on pressure,some self inflicted in order that he can motivate his team to achieve the results that we all expect. In addition it is clearly evident that a change of coaching staff is also essential.We have to accept that automatic promotion is probably already beyond our reach and the best we can hope for is a playoff place, but in order to achieve this some dramatic changes are going to have to be made,remember our current form is relegation not promotion.

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