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Off to Luton

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With hope in my heart, though I should know better on away trips shouldn''t I, I depart for the plastic realms of the home counties, and the quaint little corner called Kenilworth Road.

With hope too that we can muster eleven fit players - (sorry Worthy, my son is playing for someone else tonight) - and Meeky''s knees have gone so can''t contribute on that front sadly.

Do we get to see a great away win and total domination from start to finish, a lucky break or two, or another Watford horror show, you can never be quite sure with us, can you?

Still, for me that is the magic of away trips, particuarly night ones, and the atmosphere should be good tonight.  Hoping to hear lots of noise and encouragement, and to the KTFers, I won''t boo or sit on my hands, but cheer for the whole 90 minutes, if we are complete poo though, I will be on here tomorrow telling you so. If we are world class I will tell you that too.  Hoping for the latter.

To the A11 then - can''t wait. 

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