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Re: what we've learned so far

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Agreed with the last point. So many managers have come and gone these last 10 years and Worthy is the first to have been given time to actually build a team. Rome wasn''t built in a day and a manager needs time to build the right side and learn from mistakes. NCFC just don''t have the financial clout to buy quality in every position (including cover) in just two years. For our first few seasons in the Nationwide League we were very poor and a victory was a rarity. I was genuinely worried about the possibility of further relegation on a couple of occasions. I am just enjoying seeing my side win more regularly now and playing some very attractive football at times. The playoff run provided some much needed excitement and things are starting to look up. Not everything is 100% at the moment, but at least the club seem to be moving in the right direction for the first time since the UEFA Cup run. Hopefully we fans can continue to get money into the coffers by putting bums on seats at the games, buying the club merchandise and providing the essential encouragement to the team on the pitch.

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