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Out of the mouths of babes...

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I had the utter misfortune of going to the QPR match at the weekend along with Mini-NMTD.

Mini-NMTD summed it up precisely when he said that if they had a spare shirt he could have done better - he''s 9 years old.

He said to me that the best part of the day was the train/tube ride into London - which cost me £1.

Put that into the context of the £40 ticket costs plus travel/food/drinks that I had to pay out to watch that bunch of headless chickens (maybe they''ve all got avian flu?) prancing around the pitch and it won''t take long for support to drift away.

Delia, I''m afraid your statement last night is way wide of the mark.

Loyalty is an admirable quality in anyone, but there comes a time when it becomes a hindrance rather than a positive. Fans will simply stop coming / renewing their season tickets / buying merchandise etc if performances like we''ve seen this season continue. It is these ''fair weather'' supporters that effectively allow a club to grow due to the finances they bring in.

I read in the London Evening Standard last Friday the preview for the QPR game - it said that there was a strange smell about whats going on at Norwich at the moment. I agree - something is not right - and it is the managers job to put it right - but inside the club sometimes things become too entrenched for people to see it when he can''t. I suggest thats whats happening - heads in the sand simply will not do.

"Little Norwich" as you term us are going to become just that unless there''s a change. I wonder if Bolton, WBA, Wigan, Fulham, Portsmouth, and Blackburn in the Prem, who all have lower average attendances than us, regard themselves and promote themselves as "Little"? Small mentality gives rise to small performance.

As for injuries, its always the case that a team performing badly has more injuries, and that they take longer to ''heal'', than one doing well, because the players don''t actually want to play in an underperforming side.

Think long and hard about it, you have alot more invested in this club than most, and no-one disputes what you have done for us, but make that loyalty to the club, not the man. It''s hard, as I''m sure you regard Nigel as a friend and good man which we are all sure he is - no-one is criticising him as a person here - but now could be time for everyone to move on.

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Here here, excellent post. I''m a season ticket holder and go to a lot of away games. I too had the misfortune of travelling to Luton and QPR.

There is no way in the world that I will be travelling to Birmingham or Wolves. In fact I''ll wait til Derby.

People can cqall me what they want. But it costs a lot of money to support a football team, and I''m too depressed to waste more money.

I''m not looking forward to Saturday - that''s REALLY depressing.

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Cheekey M, you make a very good point when you say that you are not looking forward to game on Saturday and how depressing that is to feel like that.

This is EXACTLY how mini-NMTD reacted. When I said about going next Saturday he shrugged his shoulders and said ''if we have to - we''ll probably lose''

The only way I could cheer him up was to say that we''d be meeting up with one of his best friends as usual which to him was more appealing than watching the match.

As a Canary Dad - that IS depressing.

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