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Rudolph Hucker

Why all the negativity?

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Does anyone else think our team did a good job at 1p5wich on Saturday? I can''t believe the moaning and singling out of players on this site right in the middle of a play off pair of games.

It seems to me some people expected us to win the whole tie in the first game. That was always highly unlikely but, what was more likely, was the chance of throwing the whole thing away and we didn''t. We controlled possession and were well on top before that lengthy injury stoppage.

We scored a great goal and any number of right actions by several players could have prevented the equaliser but it happened.

What didn''t happen was the expected onslaught from the binners second half, even their crowd went quiet.

We then become the only side who want to win the game with the introduction of Wes.

As I read elsewhere on here, Norwich City can play a lot better but can the opposition? We did do a good job collectively but individually players were far from their best. They will need to feel confident and backed by their own fans to play better.

We have turned these two games into a winner takes all one-off match at our place and who wouldn''t have taken that before the game?

And we now have the opportunity of turning those gut wrenching Wigan and Boro defeats to our advantage because Saturday will be Groundhog Day and we have to ensure another side capable of defending a lead has nothing to cling onto. The first goal will be crucial.

I think we need to think very carefully about how we set up and what, as fans, we expect early on. For me, we have to start solidly although I would prefer to see Wes and Hoops begin the game. The support needs to support but be patient.

AN needs to look at our defence because sides have worked us out. Burley is right and before the Boro game Eadie said Norwich, defensively hate players running in behind them. This is a team thing, not just a back four situation. AN favours one up front and full backs getting forward. He may decide to be bold and make a change. Personally, I''d like us to do something different.

But please, guys. We are where we want to be and our cup is half full. Let''s stay focussed and grounded and back our players.

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