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  1. Thanks to all for your replies. Just got back from the pub and finding it difficult to understand Forum posting procedures (and my keyboard). OTBC  
  2. Soz, I''ll try and get used to this. My last post was directed at lappinitup
  3. I had no idea at the time (being a novice). The friend I went to the match with had to stay in Norwich overnight so I wandered back to the station on my own feeling like another beverage. TBH there were a few away supporters in the pub and we all had a chat about the game. All very friendly too.
  4. A friend of mine invited me to come and watch a game at Norwich on 6th March 2010. It was a League One match, Norwich v. Yeovil which Norwich won 3-0. I''ve been following Norwich ever since, visiting Carrow Road as often as I can and watching at home as often as I can too. I live in Cambridge and a the trip to Carrow Road has become simply a great day out. A few pints of CHB in the Coach and Horses on Thorpe Road, the match, then a post match beer in The Compleat Angler sometimes followed by a curry in The Star of India. I really feel the disappointment too but whatever the future holds I will continue to support and enjoy NCFC. I''ll be there on Sunday. I''m hooked. OTBC.PS Am I considered a plastic fan? I hope not.
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