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  1. Unbelievable ''Hughton is too defensive'' ''Hughton is too attacking'' ''Hughton doesn''t make any subs'' ''Hughton makes too many subs'' ''Hughton didn''t pull on the shirt score a hatrick and flip the bird to Mourinho'' the man can do no right I swear. The final goal had absolutely nothing to do with Redmond or Hooper it was individual errors from pilks tettey and ruddy and it would have happened anyway jeeeeeeeeezzzz

  2. yeah think he''s a solid player but needs to be better at hassling the opposition, closing down and holding the ball up. It''s hard on his own but these are essential roles for a lone striker. Would still expect him to start against Arsenal but a similar performance should probably warrant a Hooper start against Cardiff.

  3. In the three games I have been to where Elmander has played, against Villa and Tottenham he was a complete no show and I can''t remember how he played against saints, better I think but nothing to suggest he can add a great deal at this level. Although we really do struggle from goalkicks as Ricky''s to lightweight to win that kind of challenge. Dilemma.

  4. [quote user="Sussexyellow"][quote user="CJ"][/quote]
    In response!
    1. Does he actually comment on the strength of the opposition relative to our players? I have not heard it. He may comment that they are a good side - but so does just about every other manager. Is it bad psychology, not for me. If we win you get a lift from having beaten a good side, if we lose well we were beaten by a good side - much easier to lift the team from that stance than by having written them off as a load of old dross that should have been easily beatable.
    2. He threw on subs on Saturday and early by his standards to try to get something from a 1 nil down situation.
    3. Really bad management to dress down your players in public. Do it behind closed doors!
    4. I think we might just see Josh at some point this season. I see this as CH playing his cards close to his chest. Something that Lambert used to do as well.
    And for the record I am not a Hughton apologist!

    I was going to write pretty much this exact post

  5. I think this is a key point we were getting a plentiful supply of crosses into the box against Villa (no matter how bad) but there was never any more than two players in there. We need at least four players in there to confuse and run at the defence to put some pressure on that may turn one of these poor crosses into a goal
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