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  1. Liverpool regularly thrash us, Aston Villa inevitably since Paul Lambert''s move
  2. A GENUINE QUESTION FOR YOU WIZ: New manager and relegation, or Hughton and survival? I don''t honestly know which one you would choose
  3. I assume he''s waiting for the Ireland job hence the lack of interest in Palace
  4. also he is a far better leader than whittaker one would assume and good organisation will be key to keeping Arsenal at bay, especially if there are doubts over Bassong
  5. Why would we go for a defender who is better at going forward against Arsenal? Obviously we need our best defensive players in the team to counter Wilshere/Ramsey/Ozil threat. Russ is the better defender.
  6. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Waveney Canary"]About to be dragged round the shops by my Missus and Daughter. [/quote]Well, you do sound like the sort that would marry their daughter.[/quote] top draw great stuff
  7. Unbelievable ''Hughton is too defensive'' ''Hughton is too attacking'' ''Hughton doesn''t make any subs'' ''Hughton makes too many subs'' ''Hughton didn''t pull on the shirt score a hatrick and flip the bird to Mourinho'' the man can do no right I swear. The final goal had absolutely nothing to do with Redmond or Hooper it was individual errors from pilks tettey and ruddy and it would have happened anyway jeeeeeeeeezzzz
  8. Fer is an ariel threat him taking corners would be a nightmare considering we''re not blessed with height. Think Pilks and Snods need to stay after training each day and practice deliveries as wingers should be able to cross a ball
  9. yeah think he''s a solid player but needs to be better at hassling the opposition, closing down and holding the ball up. It''s hard on his own but these are essential roles for a lone striker. Would still expect him to start against Arsenal but a similar performance should probably warrant a Hooper start against Cardiff.
  10. Waveney you really are a f*****g nonce completely out of touch with reality on almost every level
  11. it was an Ipswich admin on the facebook page that made the comment
  12. javier garrido ‏@javiergerr 4m all the best for the lads tomorrow in the game.. otbc on twitter, looks like olsson will get his chance let''s hope he takes it
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