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  1. Hi Guys We have a chance of NCFC puting a message in memory of Alan in the 56 Min on screen tonight if this message gains momentum Please yellow army support this cause. OTBC Peter
  2. Hi TIL1010, Completely agree, these touching moments are great to remember him by (as we can capture these on camera for the funeral/wake) but also are a momentary shot of support for us all who are grieving. As for permanent reminders, yes something that would benefit the environment, the community or something for the charity. So far we have a JustGiving page, but something bigger to raise awareness would be great... you’ve definitely put some ideas in my head for sure!
  3. Hi Guys, Bit of a long shot but it’s been a week since my friend and lifelong Caneries fan, Alan sadly passed away last week from complications from testicular cancer. He was an avid and active supporter of It’s On The Ball, a local testicular cancer charity of which many are City fans and he would have many chats at half-time to help support people going through the same as him, as well as raise awareness... and of course complain about the ref! It would mean a lot if we could give this proper Norwich fan a decent send-off with a clap in the 56th minute (his age when he passed) at tomorrow’s game. Thanks, Peter
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