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  1. I don''t comment on here very often as you can see by my post count but I started this thread as I was fed up of reading hughton out post after post after post. It was really refreshing to see, in the main, a threat full of sensible reasoned comments.
  2. Would it really be such a problem if all the money left? The money is the problem as it creates such high stakes. If everyone had less money it would level the playing field and close the gap between the champ, thus relegation becomes less of a problem and in theory would result in teams playing more exciting football.
  3. First off this thread is not intended to be a hughton in/out thread so can we try and keep to the subject. Given the money involved in the pl now a majority of teams are simply happy to survive and appear to lack the ambition to want to improve on that. This is a recipe for a dull league where managers know that all the need to do is win at home against the lessor teams, pick up the odd point on the road and you will be safe. All premier league games are becoming more and more negative, the 5 man midfield is now the norm and the six man midfield is not seen as unusual! Can we really expect any better, lambert left because he couldn''t take the club any further and he is right because we will never challenge the top 5/6 and the only ambition of the rest of the league is to survive. Best league in world or most boring league in the world, discuss.
  4. I wouldn''t argue that we need two good keepers but can we keep them both happy? Bunn is also my vote for POTS, he has been reliable, consistent and at times had made me forget we are with Ruddy. Ruddy is a great keeper but ever at times last season, fans were still questioning why we didn''t sigh FF.
  5. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]LOL why is Ruddy betterGrant Holt past it ??! Seems like a lot of trolls and binners joining this forum recently to wind people up.Stay calm , ignore, carry on[/quote] It''s a pretty straight forward question ? Don'' t know about you but I''ve got better things to do than try and wind people up. This isn''t really the point of this thread, it doesn''t matter who is better, my question was whether Bunn could do better than just warming our bench next season?
  6. [quote user="Warren Hill"]Bunn has done well. Ruddy is better. The end.[/quote] Why is Ruddy better?
  7. [quote user="Warren Hill"]Bunn has done well. Ruddy is better. The end.[/quote] Why is Ruddy better?
  8. [quote user="AJ"]"Ruddy is English and would there command a higher fee" Err? Where do you think Mark Bunn was born?[/quote] Good spot! Hold my hands up thought he was Irish, turns out it''s just his grandparents that are Irish. Anyway point still stands, Ruddy would command a higher fee but because he is an "England International"
  9. [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]" maybe it is time a cash in on Ruddy? " No thank you. Unless we were to go down, then I could see the logic of cashing in and keeping Bunn.[/quote] Both Ruddy and Bunn have their strengths and weaknesses but overall I don''t think their is much to choose between them. Ruddy is English and would there command a higher fee, if we were in position where we couldn''t keep both happy.
  10. After stepping in this season and proving he is a premier league keeper, is there room next season for Bunn and Ruddy in our squad. He has proven he is an excellent shot stopper, has quick decision making, and something which often goes unnoticed is he organises his defence well, and above all is passionate about his football. If he is not going to be first choice next season I can see him moving on, or maybe it is time a cash in on Ruddy?
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