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  1. So Ipswich played on Friday 26th December, the same as us - both with winning comfortably. We then had a game 48 hours later on Sunday 28th December, of which our main starting 11 didn''t perform that greatly in, and we ended up losing. Although not entirely down to the short recovery time. Why is it that Ipswich, who have a small squad, get the extra days recovery for their first team players to rest and get ready for their next championship game, which wasn''t until Tuesday 30th December. How is this fair and allowed? Clutching at straws, I know, but they rely heavily on their main 11 it seems, and they had the recovery time to prepare for their next game... who knows whether they would have won if they had to play the same day as us, 48 hours later (+ the rest as they had the early kick off time too, on Boxing Day)
  2. Any one have any? Leicester fans sing the following for Lloyd Dyer, could be replaced with Seb Basson? ''Lloyd Dyer My Lord, Lloyd Dyer, lloyd Dyer My Lord, Lloyd Dyer, lloyd Dyer My Lord, Lloyd Dyer, ooooooooh Lord, Lloyd Dyer.'' not great, but he needs a chant!
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