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  1. I was really impressed with the way everyone supported the team last night, I found quite amusing that after going a goal down several people around us (lower level N&P) just started laughing, almost in total disbelief that thinks could possibly get any worse, that moment may just have been the lowest point of the season because from that point on the way in which the players & the crowd responded was fantastic a real togetherness; easily the best performance by the players & the fans! It was also good to see that the XI everyone wanted to finish on saturday started last night,  Finally; it may not echo around the ground in quite the same way as some other parts of the ground but I have to stand up for the Riverend (n&p) because the noise level last night was pretty good  
  2. You must be a right bundle of laughs mate!  I guess you were hoping for a negative result agaist Hull so you could fan the worthington out flames a little more? You are so far off the mark with you negative prediction, I really dont know why Im even rising to your bait, how can you call yourself a supporter & write sh*t like that, Im just as disappointed with the way we have started as the next man, but when you look at the positives there is no way we will be anywhere near a religation battle. I will be very surprised if we are not in the top 6 at Christmas, Players are now starting to jell & play with a little more confidence. the centre backs look very solid, Colin is improving each game & this has given Drury confidence, add Green to these & it gives a back five most clubs in this division would love to have, Safri, Hughes are improving all the time & in Ashton McViegh Huckerby & Marney we have potential matchwinners.    Dont get me wrong I think their is an awful lot more still to put right but take out the first 45min @ watford & deano pen miss last sat & we would be in the middle of a good little run,
  3. I have been told by 3 different unconnected sources that Leon Mckenzie & Deano recently had a BIG bust up at colney & as a result Mckenzie now suspended by the club. I hope that this isnt the case, perhaps any of you guys that venture up to watch training can put this one to bed, on a more positive note it was a pleasure to watch the game last evening some of the best passing i can remember seeing since chippy was at his peak, Im happy to predict that we will be top 6 by christmas & us fans will be in for yet another worthy style roller coaster ride right down to the wire, Cardiff here we come!!!     
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