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  1. Right. This is mainly directed at people who phone in to Neil Adams show after each game, arrrgggh you lot wind me up so much, if I was on their I would have to be cut off for my language. Okay today Whoever it was who said the "fatcats" on the board should take a paycut, dont be such an idiot, a) The board of a football club is not like a business and they dont take that much out of the club in the form of a salary. b) Whatever money they get is written into a contract, you cant just randomly change peoples pay. c) You claim that would get Huckerby, HOW ON EARTH would that happen? If they cut their wages, that would only have a long term effect, it would make no difference what so ever to the clubs bank balance as of this moment in time. I want Huckerby to stay as much as any fan what so ever, but people who get on the boards case for not buying him can get lost as we dont need them at our club, its not their fault that Man City want so much money for him, if there is no money then there is no money, Delia has put in bucketloads of money into the club and she does not have any more money to give us. Either shut up or support the club in everything they do, be a loyal fan. Come on City, good performance today. My rant would be longer but I have calmed down since listening to Radio Norfolk on the way home in the car.
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