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  1. Lerner wasn''t even in the country last year when Alex Mcleish was appointed, Paul Faulkner runs the club on a day to day basis. I trust my source 100%, i wouldnt put this info on a Villa forum because i''d get absolute dogs abuse but i can assure you it is the truth and Lambert isn''t coming to Villa.   I know that Paul Faulkner is actually a Norwich City fan so maybe he contacted the club about the availability of Lambert and was told he wasnt interested or he simply wasnt on the shortlist, that information i wasnt told.
  2. Alright lads   Aston Villa supporter here. I found a link to this particular thread on one of our forum''s.   Just thought i''d inform you that a good friend of mine is in direct contact with Villa chief executive Paul Faulkner as he does a lot of marketing work at the club and Paul Lambert will NOT be the next Villa manager. I''m 100% certain of this and i believe the so called journalist either has been given some wrong info or is simply talking out of his arse!   All the best for next season.    
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