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  1. the league signups are in progress now so if anyone wants in a league, join now and sign up, its good fun.
  2. i usually start. Ruddy naughton barnett ayala tierney bennett crofts hoolahan surman morrison vaughan bring on holt, jackson and pilkington in the last 30 minutes. xbox gamertag is TenderHades8 if anyone fancies a game? you will probably get an easy win.
  3. i''m just playing with norwich, im in league 7 but struggling haha. i will get there.
  4. no you can play with whoever u want. you are better than me then lol.
  5. Theres a website called www.game-plan.net, where you play leages and cups all run by a couple guys, really well done and enjoyable. I need more City fans on there as i am on my own at the minute and need back up lol. fixtures every couple of days, couple of cups a week. Join up its a good laugh, theres a chatroom aswell so good bit of banter and something to do when your sat around doing nothing! Going to be having a gary speed tribute cup aswell soon, only small but little bit of respect for an amazing bloke. look forward to seeing you its for xbox and ps3. OTBC!
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