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  1. A fair post. Nw has a Job on his hands gelling the squad. Disagree about adel, although he was massively important for us last year, I honestly believe he holds us back. The teams built around him and he can be inconsistent. Very frustraiting but on his day very good. I think this year will be very tight all over.
  2. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Actually maybe 10 years is a bit of an exageration although it feels like it! Since we last got promoted to the prem would be a better description.[/quote] I think going down can actually sort a club right out. Although it''s tough at the time you wouldn''t have had a season like last year would you.
  3. I was wrong about the Stoke game. I thought j had read when the guy got sent off nothing changed or a striker came on. I was wrong. Don''t get me wrong, I know Anthony pilkington is a v good player, young and talented. He may well end up being a better player then swp. I think it''s a hard task for a league 1 player to jump to the prem. The rest of your team had the champ first. Luke young is a prem defender, Kieron dyer if fit is. I''m no holding my breath on him.
  4. Think the scrubs area would be favoured imh due to not being far away. Ticket prices are down and ST holders being refunded... Not sure how yet, sure it will be money off next year. Mackie not back yet, be few months I''d imagine. Be untreated to see if he makes the squad.. Not the biggest fan but works his nuts off and handy player.
  5. We are unfortunately in a bad position yes for redeveloping. There are more areas around the ground then you think to build on. Westfield is 1 of the biggest shopping centres in the world.. Found space for that.
  6. 1. I''m not cockney. Another poster got called cockney for being an r. 2 Im not a cockney, so therefore not pretending. 3 see above 4 I was wrong. I thought he left it after the man got sent off. 5 never said 442 was odd 6. I''m not nervous. Excited and proud. Very easy to just say they will get bored. Future is not just to stay up, but to build better training ground, new ground a better club. 7. The board are building a better club. Didn''t slag off your squad, compared them to our signings.
  7. They are on high wages which unfortunately the way it goes. They have us by the balls tho as they are free agents. The figures in the papers arnt what''s been paid. Not far off but still not what''s being quoted. Team spirit it''s very important but to say we don''t have that is a bit premature. Last year we were top the whole season, scored late goals.. As you did every bloody week. So the spirit is there.
  8. Monkeys are very intelligent.. I signed up for a chat...you have already started a thread up about being buzzing for " qprs cup final"... While off yet mate..
  9. Tactics were odd against Stoke 2 weeks ago..
  10. No problem with holt but your tactics were similar to ours Last year... That''s for the poster who said will Warnock have the brain to keep us up.
  11. Swp has caused problems..and dyer can''t cause an argument from the treatment table...So grant holt isn''t just a target man up top on his own?? Must of missed his step overs and beating a player last season!
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome.. I think deep down you would of been happier with our signings then your own...I know that''s tough to admit but come on... We will have to wait and see come the end of season.. I naturally will back us..
  13. Afternoon chaps. Now I''m not on here to be a keyboard warrior and call you inbred I''m here for a discussion. Ok well done on your promotion, the premier league certainly beats going to places like Ipswich and Doncaster. I do find it quite amusing that some of you are stating that we haven''t bought well.... Swp past it? Name a player in your squad that would get into the man city squad. Joey Barton past it??? Is that a joke. If you had signed him then I think that wouldn''t of been the 1 of things said about him.. And qpr fans certainly wouldn''t of been saying he wouldn''t get into our squad.. We would of been man enough to say..." better then any of our midfielders". Dj campball....or James if we lose I''m going to punch the dressing room door down Vaughan??? Naughton is a very good player an I was gutters we didn''t get him... But no experience, like all of your signings.. And finally "qpr will do a Portsmouth" Not sure the mittals, fernandes and Phillip Beard would want their names dragged through mud would they... We have been through shit in the last few years but now we are strolling on.. Good luck Yours sincerely A cockney banker
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