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  1. If we are going to try and pinch this with speed on the break - we may as well lob on Benno too. Snoddy''s legs have gone I think so what the hell, why not?!
  2. And this surprises you why exactly? It was always going to be backs to the wall at times - luck and grit defending plus nicking an unlikely goal was always going to be our most likely chance of an upset!
  3. Come on Neil, can''t you see what a difference bringing on multi-million pound substitutes can do for the performance....? How long before we see another laughable striker cameo from RZW, Hoops or both?
  4. That was a class piece of grid-iron obstruction from Turner in fairness. Good to see a bit more steel in the tackle from many of the boys today. Come on you Yellows - more of the same and the chances will come... OTBC!
  5. Of course we can - we are Norwich City! Oh, wait.....
  6. None of these options have worked in recent weeks (or all season really?!) so why not give Elliot Bennett 20 - 30 minutes - we have missed him all season and who knows what he could bring in these last two critical games..? Damn you, false hope! OTBC!
  7. Anybody else massively glad that we didn''t have to/choose to wear the White away strip today? You could see the headlines about surrendering our PL status coming... Naturally, there are no jokes whatsoever about yellow..! CCOY
  8. That would be an interesting substitution with Wes not even on the bench
  9. Good game, viewed courtesy of some foreign webcast... A solid enough start, well done lads! Ruddy - 8 Hopefully shut a few doubters up Martin - 5 Surprised that he started after missing a few warm up games injured, didn''t look fit Whitbread - 6 Had a few ''moments'' but generally stood up to the test De Laet - 6 Decent signing, young and relatively inexperienced at Prem level but will be massive for us this season. Brilliant blocks late on. Tierney - 6 Looked to get forward but no cartwheels today, boo! Surman - 5 Good quality touch at times but just not involved enough..? Fox - 6 I still believe he will have a huge season, looked quietly confident on the ball and positionally sound Hoolahan - 6 Did okay and will get better, took his goal well when others missed wildly Crofts - 6 Solid enough but not his normally dynamic self, possibly not quite fit after missing a few games in pre-season? Morison - 8 Excellent work rate, did well for the goal; got stuck and generally put himslef about. Awesome war wound for hid debut efforts too! Holt - 5 Tried hard as always but nothing came off, should have scored a header and seemed a little over-awed. Maybe that game has got the Premier League ''fear'' out of his system... Not really enough time to properly assess Barnet, Bennett or Pilkington but they have enough quality to prove useful this season for sure. It was interesting to see PL bring on 2 outright wingers and change tactics towards the end, I guess we should be used to that though. Going for win as expected.
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