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  1. So first post on here but wanted to add a few thoughts about last night:1st half was pretty even. They had a couple of good chances, mainly crosses from the left with players arriving at the back post but nothing substantial. We did well, but sometimes did not exploit the wide positions enough when he had chances to put it down the wings. The two sides competed well and 1-1 was a fair score, with two pretty poor pieces of defending for each side to complain about. I thought what was crucial was the fact that once Leicester equalised we took the sting out of the game and never let them build pressure. The atmosphere died, and at half time they had lost the wind from the goal.2nd half we built on this brilliantly. For 20 minutes we battered their area, winning every 50-50 challenge and all the second balls. We kept the ball when we needed to but knew when to go long (For example the 3rd goal). Wes was absolutly brilliant, played in tight space and made some great runs, as well as tracking back. Fox was the unsung hero, never gave the ball away and put in some excellent tackles. Their frustration was clear to see, we were simply the better side by a long waySome ratings:Ruddy: 6. Seems a bit harsh but had a few hairy moments, especially the goal mouth scramble in the 1st half and his constant kicking issues in the 2nd. However, could do nothing about the goals and got his body behind their limited shots.Martin: 7. He really is a victim of his own success. Now a good performance is average for him and we dont even notice. Not afraid to run at his man, some good crosses and solid at the back. Whitbread: 8. Didnt miss anything. Made Yakubu feed off scraps and confident on the ball. Proving to be an amazing signing.Ward: 8. Same as Zak, confident in taking the ball off the keeper which caught Leicester off guard and meant more space for Fox as the attackers had to chase the ball around defence. Tierney. 7.5. Really suprised about this. Second half very good, has an excellent cross on him and made some very good tackles. looked like he had played in this defence all season. Going to be very tough for Drury to get back in Crofts: 7. Similar to Martin, he plays well and it seems average for us. second half battled hard, even when he lost the ball he always ran and got it back. Worked to close down the Leicester midfield, who had no time on the ball at allFox: 8.5. In any other game would have been my man of the match, but only overshadowed by Wes. He takes the pressure off Wes by dropping deep and taking the ball in the centre, allowing Wes  to play a more free role. Now looks much stronger than before and some excellent tackles too.Surman 7: Turned up in the box with headers, outside the box with the ability and confidence to shoot and at the back tackling. Feel he has yet to reach his peak, but still looks a classy playerWes: 9.5: Probably his best game I have seen. Hardly put a foot wrong, Leicester resorted to kicking him when we were 3-1 up. Played his way out of tight spots more times than worth mentioning, created a great deal and even scored a header. Any questioning of his attitude after Saturday fully blown away.Wilbraham: 7.5. A question for his doubters... Last night would you have prefered Vassell or Yakubu to Wilbraham up front then Wilbraham? I wouldnt, and this is what Lambert does. They are premier league merceneries while Wilbraham will give you 100%. After his goal his confidence was up and hit an excellent shot later on. Very happy for him, and you could see the other players were delighted for him too so he must be a popular.Holt 8. Was just Holt. No question how he would take the pen and he gave Mee and Bamba a horrible time at the back (I remember him giving someone cramp then helping him!).  A real leader on the pitch. Some comments on the fans next......Loved the "just cant get enough". As much as people may not like the fact its not original, you cannot deny it got everyone going last night and was hillarious. Great funAnd will people stop criticising all game! My god people wont shut up. When we were keeping the ball well after their goal, people were shouting "what are you doing, play it forward" and "WES what is that". Keeping the ball is absolutly vital away from home at a team like Leicester, and we played it very well. It made them restless and then in the second half we capitalised,The most ridiculous of these moments was when we were 3-1 up, wes got the ball and a possible break was on. But it was 75 minutes, so instead of trying a 40 yard pass he cut back, gave it simple and we built. Some guys behind said "what are you doing wes are you blind??" Its 75 minutes, we are 3-1 up!!!!!!!! No need to play 50% chance 40 yard passes for god sake. The guy, after getting on at wes all game then said "he has been man of the match" when he came off. Just bizzare. Support the team and trust LambertGreat performance, great singing and a brilliant party atmosphere. OTBC!!
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