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  1. I only really joined at the end of last season so i''ve not really had chance to get going with it yet. It''s just the initial meeting that I was concerned about. I don''t want to just turn up in the hope i''ll get talking to somebody. Figured forums would be a good place to get to know people and maybe arrange some to go to some matches?
  2. I''m already a member to be honest. But the website isn''t particularly user friendly. No forums or anything. They basically just post places to meet. And I don''t fancy turning up somewhere looking like a spare part
  3. Hi everyone, Just recently joined the site. I''ve been living in London for around 2 years now and everytime I want to go to a Norwich match I have to bribe one of my mates which is getting beyond a joke. If I have to put up with the terrible atmosphere at Chelsea one more time i''ll scream. Thought it was about time I hooked up with some others to maybe travel to a few home games, maybe some local away games. I''m up for a laugh, like to have a beer etc. Get back to me if you''re want to have a chat. I''m on Facebook so can always talk through there too. Cheers Dudes OTBC!
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