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  1. yeah ok we have had two defeats in the last four games i think.

    hopefully that will be the end of it, and we nearly lost at brighton, think its about time we made our voices heard throughout the team, they need a mega kick up the backside by the looks of it.

    i wonder why the away fans are chanting at us top of the league youre having a laugh.

    we do look like a complete laugh, lets sort this out and put every bad result behind us tomorrow night.

    if we dont beat southend we need should start worrying!!!

  2. shame you couldnt post sumit a bit more relevant.

    jamie cureton signed for shrewsbury, good for him, glad he found a club which suits his abilities, hes gone into league 2 as championship and league 1 was to much for him, kinda proves what a useless player he was.

    call me whatever you want mate, never heard a high opinionated girl who knows about norwich..

    congratulations mate, now who looks like the tit

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