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  1. On 19/07/2022 at 12:43, Satriales said:

    Must be overwhelming for him, only 26 and suddenly signing contracts in a foreign country whilst probably a bit jet lagged. Did he have an agent or advisor with him? Didn't notice anyone.

    He's 3 years younger than that - he's 23...

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  2. I detest all these thumb-sucking & shushing the crowd celebrations. Same with opposition players standing in front of the ball to prevent a quick free-kick being taken - youngsters imitate their behavior & it pollutes youth football. I'd like to see more discipline in the game & welcome players being booked for silly behaviour.

    Perhaps it will make them think a bit? Far fewer players take their shirts off to celebrate nowadays - they're aware if they do, their team mates may have to play with 10 men. 

  3. 14 minutes ago, canarydan23 said:

    I think it's a bad move, but if we restricted ourselves to brands with yellow and green colours we'd be fishing in a pretty small pool.

    I wonder how much effort was put in from NCFC to encourage yellow & green colours? We managed it before with Woodfordes...

  4. If Anglian Home Improvements can provide windows in any colour, why can't they put up a sign to match the rest of the stadium? Been to Carrow Road today to buy my son a shirt & we both thought that signage just looks wrong.

    Be OK at Bolton Wanderers maybe, but we play in yellow & green!

    I wonder who at NCFC 'negotiated' this sponsorship? Poor procurement...

  5. I've just remembered; I was given a NCFC shirt as a present last August - it's never been out of the bag. I'm not even sure where I put it. Kind of sums up last season really. And my lack of enthusiasm for whatever kit is coming next...




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  6. I'm frustrated at the current state of affairs, and envisage a 4-season departure to the Championship.Hope I'm wrong! Thanks LDC for an uplifting post at a time when most choose to offer only criticism.

    Of the 92 clubs, NCFC were in position #21 12 months ago & progressed to #20 this season. At least it shows consistency...

  7. 2 hours ago, GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary said:

    If RWV confidence was that fargile that it was shattered by SOMEBODY ELSE missing a penalty then its a sorry show

    Lets stop making excuses for him , he was c rap ...and even had he have taken and scored that pen he would have still been c rap afterwards.

    No, the player wasn't crap - the (lack of) service to him was...

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  8. 21 hours ago, The Raptor said:

    Would he want to come back under the present board? Can't see it after they sacked him. 

    Would it not just pile way more pressure on the current manager/head coach knowing he's watching in the stands?


    Given we need results, this kind of pressure (I see it as encouragement) sounds ideal!...

  9. That would've been one of the softer tackles when I played school vs school football! 🙂 

    Our Captain's rousing pre-match message seconds before each KO was: "Remember lads. if you can't get the man, get the ball!". That ironic intent used to get a chuckle, however we were programmed to compete physically that's for sure. The other side played in a similar manner, which is why we needed to match them if we wanted to win.

    Nowadays it's a different world. Kane was out-of-control (unable to pull-out of the challenge), so it should've been an instant red card.


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  10. Like many, I have lost patience with Todd Cantwell now. He had a wonderful opportunity to step-up this season yet he appears disinterested. Where is his personal desire? I'm not surprised If Chris Sutton has called him out. He's falling way short of what's required...  

    At least Jacob Ramsey demonstrated what's possible with a well-focussed mindset!

  11. 5 minutes ago, Christoph Stiepermann said:

    I am happy we're not going down the same route we usually would by employing Russell Martin or Paul Warne out of sentiment.

    How do we know the club are not considering either of these two? There's no confirmed evidence they have been talking with Lampard, Smith or Knutsen either! It could easily be someone not even mentioned so far - which wouldn't surprise me.

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