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  1. I used to visit the Allcock family home when I was a teenager; I played football for Thorpe St Andrew school & also St John's with his son Peter. I fondly remember Peter & I playing Led Zeppelin albums at high volume - figured Terry might tell us to knock it down a notch, however he never did! He got a me a ticket for Wembley '73 too - I'm hugely grateful for that experience.

    Lovely family - RIP Terry.

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  2. 5 hours ago, lake district canary said:

    Will Johannes live in Thorup St Andrew or Thorup End??

    I've lived in both these locations - he could do a lot worse! 'Thorpe End Garden Village' is particularly nice however (imho) it lacks soul. Had a few NCFC players as neighbours when I was there in the '90's...

  3. 5 minutes ago, Robert N. LiM said:

    Think you could make a case for saying that pretty much all of our recent successful appointments were pretty underwhelming/meh at first sight: Stringer, Walker, Worthington, Alex Neil, Farke. The only successful manager/coach we have had since the 90s who came with any sort of reputation was Lambert, and that was at a pretty low level coaching-wise (though I did hear a rumour, if I remember correctly, that he might possibly have won a Champions League medal, though I'm pretty sure the man himself never ever mentioned it).

    Dean Smith came with a decent reputation?

  4. 15 hours ago, RobJames said:

    Jose is left footed. Not sure about the returning loanees.

    The thought must be they are being lined up for the following season, when both Duffy and Hanley are out of contract.

    The question is whether they are best served by being sat on the bench, or out on another loan. A comment above states that Warner is looking good. Maybe he will stay and, like Omo, get his chance and keep it.

    However the first team is NOT a place to develop. You are picked when you are ready. Albeit however good a player is at Colney the prove is on the pitch in a league match. 'Needs must' put Gibbs and Fisher in the squad. I suggest the latter needs a loan, as moving from non league to the Championship is a big leap.

    I don't think it is too great a leap to move to RB/LB from a central place in defence. Likewise, I think Godfrey started there, or even right midfield. R Martin swapped as well, so maybe one of these CBs could cover for Stacey.

    Plenty of options, whereas we only have Begga Hall at LB. There must be someone special lined up as we let both Gino and McCallum go. Whoever it is (them?) it won't be another aged stop gap.

    Guilherme Montóia is a LB - aged 20 & halfway through his 2-year contract.

  5. 6 minutes ago, TheGunnShow said:

    As long as he wins plenty of headers, knocks the granny out of a few strikers, and can hit a forward pass, I'll be happy.

    Missing a Zimbo/Godfrey-esque diagonal ball from centre-half in the locker.

    Ginger Pele's long diagonal balls to Darren Huckerby also spring to mind! I suspect JHT will be seeking younger CB's who are masters of their craft playing accurately and fast on the floor...

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  6. 5 minutes ago, JonnyJonnyRowe said:

    PFA are just too powerful to get away with sacking anybody.

    They'll use the Flynn Clarke case as precedent, and we'd end up owing him a 7 figure sum like Derby did with Richard Keogh.

    Yep, that's my expectation too...

  7. 16 hours ago, Wroxham Bridge said:

    As a ST, I tried to get a ticket close to my River End upper seat and the website informed me that I already had two tickets in my basket and refused my transaction when I only needed one ticket???

    Same here initially @Wroxham Bridge, however I restarted the process, updated the basket & it allowed me to purchase the seat next to me. (I'd already bought 3 for our regular ST places).

  8. I've always rated McClean highly. Lots of good points already made on this post; yes he has a mistake in him most games, likewise Nunez & Sara. Kenny is a class apart at Championship level & an excellent back-up utility player in the Premier League should that occur next season. As it stands, he's getting my POTS vote....

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  9. 5 hours ago, Capt. Pants said:

    If Sainz is available for the Ipswich game then you can expect another red card incoming. They'll be winding him up big time as will their fans.

    Precisely this! Emotionally, Sainz is the weakest link in the Norwich team. Ipswich & the rest of the Championship teams  will targeting him even more now. As would we, if he was playing against us!

  10. I accept DW is a nice guy doing his best. He deserves to be given a shot at getting to the play-offs (although it's frustrating to watch some rather odd coaching decisions being made!). He may scrape to position #6, however I doubt he'd be allowed to coach Norwich in the top league should a proverbial miracle happen.

    Either way, a talented young coach like Carlos Cuesta at Arsenal is probably being lined up for next season... 

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  11. 6 hours ago, Myra Hawtree said:

    Didn’t realise Matt Gill and Colin Calderwood were with him at Southampton.

    Andrew Surman has recently joined as u-18's Assistant Coach too (I'm connected with Russ on LinkedIn - saw it announced on there).

  12. I thought the same; telepathic connection between Rowe & Sargent on that occasion. Looked so straightforward - top performers tend to make things look easy don't they? When he first arrived, I thought Sarge was no more than a League One player, gotta say I'm delighted to see him doing well!

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  13. At the 1-1 game where Max Aarons made his debut I took my (then 13 y/o) with me. Familiar with that area from business trips, we parked near the Ranelagh Road roundabout & walked from the car wearing yellow shirts. No police presence whatsoever on the mile or so walk to the stadium. Comments were getting increasingly spicy from supporters in blue, especially when we walked past home fans queuing to enter at the Sir Bobby Robson end. Still no police presence - not one!

    It was only when we went around the corner we found ourselves 'the wrong side' of the police cordon. They quickly ushered us through to join the away section & we finally felt safe. 

    Tbh, I was naive & misjudged the potential consequences that day. Lesson learned.

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