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  1. Taking them to a farm would be a risk, you never know how Doherty, Shackell and Cort might react...
  2. Oh so your a snob aswell as in denial. Good on you, and good luck with your business
  3. [quote user="plan b"][quote user="Dr. William Gilbert Grace"]well, how to i compete with this level of wit..?[/quote] bowled and caught i believe.... [/quote] NO
  4. [quote user="Beauseant"]Another great t-shirt, Plan B. I think I''ll be getting one myself. Oh and don''t worry about W G, he''s either 12 or a binner, or possibly both.[/quote] He says, whilst patronisingly patting plan b on the head, before ruffling his hair...
  5. "I''m in however..... ...i need some shirts to fuel my fire. It gets might cold in scotland.."
  6. haha your t-shirt website couldnt make enough in a year to pay for weeks worth of groceries
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