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  1. It was with a certain amount of intrigue and interest that I read the following letters printed in the EDP over the course of the past two days:- 1)  Astute choice, now let''s hope for more A letter written by Mike Reynolds  of the Norwich City Supporters Trust congratulating the Directors of Norwich City Football Club on obtaining the services of Mr David McNally as the new Chief Executive and criticising the antagonism which the same Directors have been receiving from certain quarters as unacceptable  The letter consisted of 185 words and was almost entirely a re-production of a statement issued by Norwich City Supporters Trust printed within an article entitled "Trust''s message to fans" on page 35 of the EDP the same day (16 June) 2) Share purchase idea good for football A letter written by Tim East of Norwich City Supporters Trust outlining the aims of the group in acquiring shares in Norwich City Football Club and in particular the possible representation of a member being elected to the club''s Board and requesting those season ticket holders who have a mind to do so to donate their rebates to the Supporters Trust This letter consisted of 312 words and appeared to have been re-produced in full (17 June) The reason for my intrigue and interest lies in the fact that I recently forwarded a letter to the EDP asking the Editor to kindly consider printing it but I received a reply indicating that my request to have it re-produced in full could not be entertained and that the right to edit had to be reserved My letter was a follows:- The issuing of 18000 odd "begging" letters by Football Club Director Michael Foulger provides further confirmation of the pathetic mess that Mr & Mrs Michael Wynn-Jones have made in running their "little old Norwich City" Not since the Re-Election to the Football League, the Lord Mayor''s Appeal and the Blanket Collections of 1957 has our club been in such a shambolic state both on and off the pitch - an almost entirely asset stripped playing squad and a dire financial position involving debts of over £20M and rising This is despite the Custodians having had hitherto unprecedented levels of resources at their disposal i.e. Premiership Income, Parachute Payments, Share Receipts, Land Sales, Loan Monies, Legacy Funds, Season Ticket/Gate Receipts, Net Transfer Fees and Other Income including of course "Lots of lovely New Investment" as revealed at last years Royal Norfolk Show How this sorry state of affairs has been allowed to occur - one can but only speculate - has it actually been by design or has it been as a result of sheer incompetence? Either way - as a supporter and follower of the Canaries since the early 1950''s - I find it heartbreaking to see our once great club - reduced to a laughing stock- within the wider soccer public of East Anglia and beyond Regretfully - like Mr Gordon Brown and his Cabinet Colleagues in Government - Mr & Mrs Wynn-Jones and the remnants of the Norwich City Board of Directors - appear unashamedly determined to remain in power - despite overwhelming evidence of failure What a disaster and an utter disgrace This letter consists of 253 words ! ! ! Thank you to whoever takes the time and trouble to read this post - I feel a lot better now ! ! !                    
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