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  1. i have a spare ticket for tomorrow my mate is now having to work and the other half doesnt fancy it i am travelling by car form sheffield tomorrow can sort ticket out at ground or sheff if you want? any takers pm me
  2. Well i have decided to trick those Leeds fans by wearing the white away shirt from a couple of seasons ago underneath my jacket thus blending in with the leeds folk like a Norwich Trojan Canary! For a couple of years now i have considered a Sheffield Canary group as we seem to be growing in numbers; we could change a small part of the don into the wensum........  enjoy the trip all i am among you; just dont blow my cover 
  3. The other Sheff Canaries will be on that train as well i will be there with a small puppy and some sweets.......   I thought i was the only s10 canary perhaps we can form a splinter sheff canaries group?
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