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  1.                    Marshall

    Omazuzi   Doc  Dumic   Drury

        Croft       Clingan      Bell

          !          Hoolahan        !
         V                               V
               Lita           Renton


    were going to lose anyway, bring in a couple of kids that would allow clingan to come back into the middle and sibierski to eat a burger in Delias



  2. Ok, im not a new poster. i had a lot of trouble with my account(s) before, my last name was Lapin = Ronaldinho (we need him in the team now lol)


    Yes i think it would cost a lot of money to pay off roeder but a point a game is just not good enough :/


    i think that Boothroyd would be a perfect manager for us :), again it all comes down to money so the chance that we have roeder this time next year is likley.


    any thoughts?



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