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  1. Right back depends on Aarons making the step up and Ivo Pinto staying or going.
    I think another CB is a must though if we''re going to be playing a 3, especially as Raggett has apparently been struggling to play out from the back.

  2. I''m also leaning towards optimism.
    I genuinely believe the signings of Marshall, Pukki and Rhodes indicate pragmatism from Farke and Webber. We needed to score more goals from crosses so they''ve gone and got somebody that can cross more often and more consistently than Murphy and 2 clinical box strikers, something we haven''t had in ages.
    Really hope it clicks.

  3. [quote user="Van wink"]Madders move helped him toughen up it was said, a good move for the lad imo.[/quote]
    Did Maddison say this himself? He''d played in 35 games for Coventry in League 1 before going to Aberdeen, can''t imagine it took him a move to Scotland to realise he''s going to get kicked a lot. He wasn''t exactly ecstatic when he was offered the chance to go back for the rest of the season.
    Phillips obviously needs to go and play games so I''m not saying it''s a bad move.
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