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  1. Todays match, he was playing CB for some reason (obviously Lambert didn''t want to tinker with the effective midfield), and the 3 or 4 huge crossfield balls to Lappin were top drawer!He''s only gone and got a new haircut, dyed it Ginger and got some kind of balding effect going on!Anyway, he played immense and was my MoM!Oh, hang on, it was the Doc!!! Well played.

  2. Good posts, I think most of us are in agreement that Leeds are ''The Team'' in League One this year, without many questions. As WW has said, they have got results when maybe they didnt deserve them, and their defence has prevented them from losing games.That being said, I think they will slip up, but not enough for anyone to topple them from the top of the division, we may get close, Huddersfield or Charlton may get close, but I think that 1st place is only theirs to lose now. Realistically that''s not going to happen, Grayson is way to good a manager to let that happen.In terms of entertainment though, how could Norwich not be the best team in the division!? In the matches I''ve been to at Carrow road this year I''m yet to see less than 5 goals! I think we''ll get 2nd, personally. But theres a few twists and turns yet, I feel.

  3. DO you honestly think Lambert, after seeing him play on the opening day of the season from the opponents perspective, will play him ever again?No, because the opposing team would immediately single out the keeper as the weak link - putting even more pressure on him.Sometimes in life you only get one chance. Theokiltos has had his with NCFC I think. He''ll have been gutted when he heard Lambert was the new manager.

  4. Thomas Helveg for me, shame Worthington didn''t give him a proper go in the side until later in the season - where it coincided with a sharp upturn in results! Pure class - he was opta rated as the best defender in Euro 04, and we got him!Steeno second I reckon.Oh, and Erik Fuglestad? He had a 14 or 15 year old girlfriend while at Norwich, so a big no to him.

  5. There wont be enough money for hamaan or schmeicel unfortunately. Theokiltos has been dropped already as have 2 of the defenders. Lets hope it stays that way.Tuesday night was much improved, but yes you are right about Gunn - I fear that they''ll be a few games like Saturday''s this season.

  6. First and foremost - a great win tonight. Especially after saturday. PHEW!This 11, particulary the defence, should remain the 11 until injuries/suspensions or form says otherwise. Please Gunn, dont show your foolishness anymore and leave those that you dropped, (for  a very big reason) dropped. So no more Theokilts, Ostemebor, Nelson or Martin.Do that, and things just might turn out okay.Oh, and while youre being ruthless, drop Doc - get Stefanovic to stay, make him captain and partner him with Askou. I can see that CB partnership being pretty extraordinary in this league.

  7. The fact is, Gunn is Not good enough, and it shouldnt take any more defeats for ''upstairs'' to realise this. Relegation last year was bad enough - he shouldnt have been allowed to carry on them. So, maybe you could say he was walking on ice a little. After saturday, that ice has well and truely cracked.We werent even in the relegation places until Gunn started working his magic - and look at the hate Roeder got. We''d be in a league above and NOT getting drubbed 7-1 at home by an average League one side if he''d have stayed. So what if he didnt like you and you didnt like him - I''d prefer that position for the club than their current predicament.

  8. Are some people calling for Theocrapalot to be trusted to play again? Did you not see his ''performance''??? I still say that 6 of the goals he at the very least SHOULD have done better with. 3 were HIS fault.No, im sorry, this goon should be dropped. The end. Extend Alnwicks loan for the season and bring Rudd to the bench.Gunn is a total joke if he even keeps 2 of that back 5!
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