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  1. Don''t worry, I''m off now. To summarise this thread: 1) Andy Keogh is not signing for you. 2) You don''t rate Jason Shackell. 3) The "hatred" of Wolves from Norwich fans is based on a single challenge from an acknowledged scumbag wearing our shirt nearly 10 years ago, and some highly dubious anecdotes about the behaviour of our fans. Glad we got all that straight, enjoy the season.
  2. I''m not saying he wasn''t there, just that he''s at best exaggerating what trouble he did see, because there hasn''t been any "smashing up of the town centre" after any games against Cardiff. And then uses that to "prove" that our fans are badly behaved.
  3. I could name you 3-4 pubs where you''d be fine so long as you weren''t being an idiot. Obviously, there are ones that are best avoided, but that applies to every single away fixture. But let''s examine the facts: - You can''t remember the score of the game - I asked you to name the year the game was played, you couldn''t - I asked you to provide some kind of a link to this supposed trouble, believe me, the E&S and the BBC will report on anything like that - you couldn''t - I attended all of those games and have to walk past the train station to get to the pub where we drink - no trouble on any of those occasions I dunno, maybe you made it up.
  4. [quote]It was on a saturday and you won 2-1 think it was with the alcohol ban.[/quote] Our results against Cardiff at home: 2004/5 L 2-3 2005/6 W 2-0 2006/7 L 1-2 2007/8 W 3-0 Try again....
  5. Evidently I am still here. I''m just wondering why a Norwich City fan would attend a random Wolves vs Cardiff fixture and then see our fans "smashing up our own town centre", when none of this was reported in any newspaper or any media of any kind, and no other people happened to see said "smashing up". We have a hardcore minority of idiots. I don''t defend them, I wish they didn''t follow us, but they do, and that''s the way of the world. What I don''t like is out and out lies about our support.
  6. I''m not insulting anyone - I came on here to tell you that Keogh wouldn''t be signing for you and to ask about Shackell. I''m now defending my club''s supporters against false accusations from one of your fans, if that''s alright with you.
  7. Re: Cardiff (again - sorry for lack of quote, but your message board software is really poor) "Moron"? Nice! Find me a link to the story, Express and Star or the BBC should have covered it at some point. Or just name the year and I''ll tell you it''s rubbish.
  8. Re: Cardiff - Total fiction. Cardiff''s recent games here: 2007/8 - midweek fixture, Cardiff brought around 300 fans, no trouble 2006/7 - Cardiff fans banned, following: 2005/6 - Cardiff fans react to our refusal to serve alcohol in the away end at half time. They get rowdy, police get involved, fights break out in away end. 2004/5 - Isolated incidents between Cardiff and Wolves fans after the game, little different to many incidents up and down the country. Before that, we hadn''t played them since the 80s, so maybe you could provide a link to this "smashing up of the town centre" that you believe happened?
  9. [quote user="Hissing Sid"][quote user="ATWWFC"]No reasonable Wolves fan will defend Kevin Muscat. Bellamy attacked his own teammate with a golf club, is that somehow better?[/quote] So the fact that Bellamy can be a nasty piece of work gives Muscat the right to crock him with possibly the worst "tackle" I''ve ever seen in 25 years plus watching football? [/quote] Jeez, this is hard work. Read the whole thread, there is NO excuse for what Muscat did, or his other misdemeanours - I had no time for him whatsoever while he was at Wolves, he was a sly thug.
  10. Yes, the example of two fans represents the way all of our supporters behave. You "hated" our club before the PO semi. Just seems odd, clamouring for rivals because you only have the one club local to you?
  11. I imagine the two week fine that Bellamy had to pay was a "joke" as well. Like I say, no-one will defend Muscat, but then Bellamy was no angel in that game - tried to get Keith Curle sent off by feigning an elbow in the face at a dead ball. That''s how it all started. But no excuse for the convict to do what he did and it was fortunate for Bellamy that he wasn''t seriously injured. Just seems an odd reason to "hate" a club, he hasn''t played for us in six and a half years!
  12. No reasonable Wolves fan will defend Kevin Muscat. Bellamy attacked his own teammate with a golf club, is that somehow better?
  13. We''ll gladly swap for Stephen Elliott if his move to Preston falls through...
  14. [quote user="Hoolahoop"]We only hate Wolves and Ipswich....[/quote] Sorry to take this off topic (I get the impression you don''t rate Shackell; fair enough), but I''ve always found this a little odd. One of our players, who most of our fans recognised was a nasty piece of work, injured a similarly nasty piece of work ten years ago, and you "hate" us. Weird. The myth propogated is that Muscat put Bellamy out for 12-18 months, when I think he actually missed around 7 weeks of football after that game at Molineux.
  15. [quote user="buddha"][quote user="ATWWFC"]I thought he looked quite good for your lot in the Prem, haven''t seen a great deal of him since. To be honest, we''re pretty threadbare at the pack as it stands, so any reinforcements are welcome. You have to remember that he''ll essentially be replacing Jody Craddock...[/quote]he was playing alongside simon charlton, a cardboard cut out of shackell would look good compared to that bald gimp.you will soon loathe mc carthys "name a price i will double it" method of buying, especially with shackssorry mate, but you cant polish a turd.[/quote] 1) Jez Moxey negotiates fees, not Mick McCarthy. 2) We do the exact opposite of what you say, we set our valuation of a player and very rarely go over that. It isn''t 1996 anymore.
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