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  1. 9 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    No, the new rules went in our favour.

    Still depends on the chap in front of the VAR monitor to decide. Or else they wouldn't have looked at it so many times. It was obvious in normal time, well for us watching on TV,that he had handled it. The ref doesn't have that option obviously. But VAR still had enough looks to make sure it was handball.

    I'd argue its not VAR that saved us but actually the referee didnt apply the rules and hid behind VAR.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Aggy said:

    That’s not correct. When it hits his hand, he hasn’t scored. If you’re saying it’s not a deliberate handball, then why is it a freekick to Norwich?


    I know what you're saying and its rigth but this is exactly why the rules/use of VAR just aren't working.

    How can a handball for defenders and attackers be different?

    How can it then only be handball if a goal is scored?

    How can it be handball if the ball goes literally millimetres from Godfrey onto Inechano?

    How can the referee be allowed to not make a decision based on the fact VAR will check it?


  3. 59 minutes ago, Aggy said:

    Yes it has changed. If it hits your hand and then you score it’s now handball regardless of intent. Has been that way all season.

    How is this relevant to last night? VAR applied the rules correctly, regardless of what your thoughts are on the rules.

    Again don’t think that example has anything to do with VAR.  We need to separate the two - VAR can’t be blamed for implementing the rules.

    Likewise with the offside decisions - the technology probably isn’t good enough for it to be used as it currently is, but using what they’ve got they are trying to implement what is essentially a “line call”. You’re either offside or not, there is no subjectivity involved there. It’s just whether you can with certainty say the technology is good enough to make that call at the very split second the ball is played - I don’t think it is currently. Interesting comments about going back to the “daylight” interpretation of offside this week from UEFA (ie; only offside if there is daylight between the attacker and defender). That would give the benefit back to the attacker and gives the technology a bit more leeway.

    Going back to the handball rule, I actually don’t mind it - it takes out any risk of controversy, if it hits your hand and you score directly afterwards it’s no goal. But that in itself raises a question about how far back you go. The Snodgrass handball a couple of months ago for instance, where it hit someone’s arm near the halfway line, they took on two defenders, went forward ten yards, passed it to Snodgrass who then had a very difficult finish (still from the edge of the box, so not a tap in) and they pulled it back for the non-deliberate handball on the halfway line - ludicrous to go back for that.

    It actually as though;

    Becuase its allowing referee's the opportunity to not make a decision.

    Last night 27,000 saw the ball hit Inechano's hand - at which point it's a free kick to Norwich.

    The referee allowed the game to go on, knowing if Inechano scored VAR would check/rule out.

    However, what if Krul tipps Inechano's shot wide and they score the from corner?


    Just to add, never in a million years is it actually a 'handball'.

  4. 21 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Infantino has said VAR is here to stay but may require modifications to the laws, They are meeting this weekend.

    12 months ago the only argument would have been should Godfey have dropped him. The goal would have stood and pundits could have argued all night. Neither player handled it deliberately and it was a cracking finish.

    But as much as we hate it, VAR went in our favour.

    No, the new rules went in our favour.

  5. 9 hours ago, Aggy said:

    I don’t think he did. Handball for a defender 40 yards out needs to be deliberate. Handball for a striker who scores with his next touch, the ball only has to touch his hand.

    Godfrey definitely doesn’t deliberately handball it. Regardless of whether or not the attacker deliberately handballs it, it hits his hand and he scores straight after. 

    It looks fairly deliberate by the attack to me as well though. 

    Which is one of the fundamental issues with the rules/VAR in its current form.

  6. 12 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    Players  - and all of us - have those moments in life when you experience something, or do something that makes you grow up that little bit more, whether its the first girlfriend, first job, getting praised for something, passing the driving test, or whatever.

    For footballers it is that first professional contract - the first team debut - the first goal - the first promotiom etc etc.  I think we saw several moments like that yesterday because that win was so good for several of the young players.  Winning a PL game like we did showed maturity in spades. We saw that Cantwell can be more effective, Buendia's attitude where it needed to be and superb for most of the match, Godfrey will draw much from that victory too with his defensive work and contribution for the goal.  However, Aarons and Lewis will grow in stature from that game perhaps more than any.  Aarons - his first PL assist and Lewis - his first PL goal - will give them a huge boost going forwards. Lewis, who has been less in the limelight with Byram doing so well, looked a little short of confidence in the last couple of matches, but will maybe get the biggest boost of the lot - on the winning team, scoring the goal and us keeping a clean sheet.

    So imo, that game was a huge one in our season - the team has grown up, there was no hint of "men against boys" and if anyone was going to score later in the game it was going to be us.  Factor that into the next games - that we can think we can not only look good, but get results as well - and it's going to get very interesting. 

    Can't wait until you have yours.

  7. 6 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    I mean Duda wasn't non existent. I know he had a couple of poor games but it seems fans can't look at a single game in isolation. Was statistically our third best performer today behind Aaron's and Lewis. Thought he played well personally.

    Does nowhere near enough for a No. 10

    That 10 role is so important to us, we can't afford to have someone in that role who isn't creating, pushing the burden onto Emi/Todd. 

    His big chance tonight and with a goal gaping he could only hit straight at the goal keeper. 

    Bournemouth aside I'm yet to watch him and think 'we've got a player here' 

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  8. We made a good side look very average.

    Felt fairly comfortable.

    Max, absolutley outstanding.

    We're 100% better off with Emi on the pitch.

    Duda not exsistent.

    Outstanding technique by Jamal for the goal.

    We certainally wasnt at our free flowing (though we've not seen that for sometime) best, but I'm buzzing with them 3 points.

  9. 28 minutes ago, Midlands Yellow said:

    The best seasons were finishing 3rd 4th and 5th in the top flight plus the F.A cup semi final seasons. Last season was arguably the best football witnessed but it was at the 2nd level. 



    Absolutley - Lets not get it twisted, League position and Cup success defines Norwich's 'Best season'

    That doesnt necessarily mean its the fans favourite season.

  10. 5 minutes ago, nutty nigel said:

    I just saw it lumped in with the whimpers. 

    Most of my favourite seasons have been in the last 20 years.

    I guess we all value things differently.

    My favourite season without doubt is the Lge 1 season, probably pushed closed by last season.

    Both probably owing personally being able to get to lots of away games and the fact we pipped Leeds.

  11. 5 minutes ago, nutty nigel said:

    I didn't set the rules. Housey did.

    Your hopes and dreams are similar to mine.

    Except you devalue some of my best moments in over 50 seasons. Winning at Wembley with both my kids and two of my grandkids will take some beating.

    De-valued it?

    Its literally the first achievement I list since our UEFA cup run.

  12. 1 minute ago, nutty nigel said:

    Hopes and dreams.

    But minimum expectation?

    Nah, obviously not.

    I said earlier in this thread, its impossible to have any expectation in the Championship.

    It's a lottery.

    Some really poor teams have gone up, some very good ones haven't.

  13. 1 minute ago, Alex Moss said:

    This is why I hope we put in a great shift against Tottenham next week, you never know, although a slim chance, your dream might just come true with the rub of the green in the draws, just by getting to the final could quite remarkably see us qualify for Europe next season.

    Just imagine that, back down in the Championship, playing just the Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday most weeks 😂

    Massively unfortunate against them twice;

    Fingers crossed.

    Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - Be some week that.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    Wow. Just wow.  No wonder you don't like or understand my outlook on our club. It looks as if will never be good enough for you.

    Let's not beat around the bush, you're a hypocritical, attention seeking, troll.

    I have no interest in engaging with you.

  15. We just have to accept we always have been, are and always will be well, very Norwich City.

    My first memories of NCFC are from the 92/93 season and the following UEFA cup run, but I wasn't old enough to appreciate it.

    Since then what achievements have I got to tell my theoretical son about?

    Beating Middlesbrough at Wembley? A couple of Promotions and a couple of whimpers back into the Premier League. Finishing tenth in the Premier League.

    We've had no cup runs, no special mangers, don't get me wrong I love Hucks and Holt but they're hardly players my son will be wow'd by.

    For a club of this size, that have been in the Premier League for the amount have time we have, we have massively under achieved.

    From the last 20 years;

    Are we any better off now than Leeds United? So we might have been in the Premier League a couple more seasons but realistically we have nothing more to show for the last 20 years than they have and just two years prior to that they were in a Champions League semi-final.

    Portsmouth have had some iconic players and won an FA Cup - imagine telling your son that, I was there when we won the FA Cup.

    Barnsley had an incredible cup run, beating Liverpool and Chelsea.

    Leicester have won the Premier League

    Burnley, Hull, Swansea, Wigan, Southampton, Millwall, Stoke, Fulham, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Bolton, Middlesbrough have all competed in Europe since we were.

    RvW is the most excited I've ever been about a NCFC signing.

    I'm fortunate enough to have done many things in life, however I suspect the No.1 item on top of my bucket list I'll never get to do and that's to travel away to watch Norwich in Europe with my Dad.

    Yes next year we will be could be cash rich, will we invest it Fulham/Villa style into player to get back in the Premier League, No.

    Should we bounce straight back into Premier League, will we invest heavily to compete, No.

    Call me selfish, but Norwich were here along time before me and will be a long time after me but whilst I'm here I'd love to be truly genuinely blown away by us, just once.

    We just have to accept our limitations, Yes there'll be some relative highs and lows but most of the time time we'll be well, Norwich City.

  16. 3 hours ago, Alex Moss said:

    Nice one buddy, enjoy the game. I was pencilled in for this one too, but I will be away in Kos. Luckily I’ve spoken to somebody who runs a bar out there, and he’s said he will show the match as long as I give him something NCFC related for him to hang on the wall of his establishment. I’m going to give him a pair of Wes Hoolahan’s training shorts haha.

    Fantastic story - enjoy.

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