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  1. I wrote that I was worried about the drop of Hucks and no good replacements of Dion. And I don`t like the many players on loan. They don`t think they have the same heart for the club. And you can`t get a unit that can gel together. So what do we need for next seson?  Don`t take in too many loanees, look for young talent and mix it with some experienced players. I really think we also need to look for players other places than Scotland. And we need to have some people with MONEY. You can say that you sell your soul but that`s the way modern football has gone. For the team I think we need many diffrent players. We have consided alot of goals, and I think we miss a good central defensiv mid, a good cenral defender. And striker with 20 goals per seson. Agree or not with me.   A sad long time Norwich fan from Norway.    
  2. The news her in Norway is that Norwich had a bid of 20 millions norwegian kroner, I think that would be around 1,6 million pounds. I think if this is the right information, it`s too mutch money. Because he is 32 and often injured. Use that kind of money on a mix of young talent an maybe one or to experinced players. I would love too see Ched, Lita and central defender for that kind of money.  
  3. I agree, how can you change so many players from one seson to another??? And how can you not see that our defence is leaking goals. We are well the team who have most consided goals. Our strikers would have had moore room if Hucks had played, because they had to dooble on him. Sack him now. We need to understand that you can`t play nice passing game in this division.
  4. I`m missing hucks, he would have been a great player to have with his eksperience, I can`t say that Glen has been right about fans getting another hero in hoolahan. But I think he would have had a great player to learn from, if we sign Hucks for another year. I`m still not glad about the many loanies, you can see now that middelsboro have called one home, we don`t get a unit to gel. But then again the board`s resorses are limited. And a think we need moore money to be invested in the club. So Glen has not mutch money to spend. I think it was to many people leaving at the same time. We should have done the change of players over a couple of years. Do you agree og not?
  5. I`m a bit worried about 8 loan signings, not in the short run but in the long run. You have to build a team with players who has the time gel together. And learn how the other players are thinking and how they want to play. It takes time to set a new team. Maybe when and hopefully things are begining to go the right way som of the players may have to return to their club. And you have to start from start again. Hope I`m wrong and we start winning and going up the leage.  I am from Norway, how difficult would it be to get a ticket and see Norwich at Carrow road. Been a fan since 83, and would love to see a game this year. Any tips? Thanks
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