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  1. [quote user="Shack Attack"]Bring me my deliafibberalator Nutty this message board is on its last legs [;)]

    I give it ten minutes before Arthur (or Nazi Stalin Mugabe Racist Arthur Pigeon Molester Whittle, I presume the mods will allow that [:O]) turns up and this thread and the other one I''ve started get deleted.


    You should be careful what you wish for, white man.


  2. [quote user="Terry Waite"]

    Now do you all think I should risk life and limb as a Pink Un envoy and go and see 1st Wizard to smooth the troubled waters? I am here for the long haul and the good of ALL the fans. My door is always open to you all.


    I am also willing to mediate in this dispute.  People have the wrong opinion of me, Mister Waite, as I am sure you are aware.


  3. [quote user="Terry Waite"][quote user="Robert Mugabe"]

    I don''t think you understand who you are dealing with here, my friend.



    I am pleased to give my full support to the re-opening of negotiations with you my friend. 




    In exchange for two new strikers and a couple of centre backs, I propose that I be given amnesty, and made honourary sole heir apparent to Carrow Road.

    Now hurry along or I shall chain you to a radiator for another few years.


  4. [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Now why is it clearly obvious they will never sell to anybody? Would you tell me I had to sell my shares and what I should sell them for? [/quote]


    [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Would you be told to sell something of yours and what to sell it for?


    I don''t think you understand who you are dealing with here, my friend.


  5. [quote user="Gertrude Stein"][quote user="Robert Mugabe"]

    I would have continued discussions with Peter Cullum.

    As that crazy lady Maureen Lipman once said - albeit for money, I believe - "It is good to talk."




    Please ban this man, he is morally bankrupt..


    Oh no, you western colonialist.  It is you who must face the consequences of your actions.

    Having reviewed this board''s contents, it is clear that the following is the correct way forward:

    (a) Find two goalscorers and sign them

    (b) Find two centre backs and sign them

    (c) Turn the world-class facilities you say exist in Colney into a world-class detention centre for the press and people supporting the current bankrupt regime.

    If I give you my word I will complete (a) and (b), will you help me with (c)?


  6. [quote user="The Voice of the Thorpe Area"]

    Delia our avatars and banners? This is actually getting quite ridiculous. What next? We hate Nelson Mandela t-shirts? Winston Churchill replacing Guy Fawkes? People pulling down Nelson''s Column and hitting it with their shoes?

    Sorry, but if anyone ever expects Delia and Wyn-Jones to sell up for a fraction of what they''ve invested in the past 10 years, then you need your heads examining. We''re all disappointed that the take-over didn''t happen, but to take this stance shows some of our fans to be very fickle, and have very short memories.

    Bring on the abuse from the Delia Outers, see if I care!


    Well said.  Why should we expect our support to automatically translate into a well-run and funded club?


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