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  1. cannot believe I can''t give this away, oh well hey ho
  2. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I already have a copy in the attic somewhere - it''s a good book, funny in lots of places.  It''s the 1996-7 season when Mike Walker rejoins, isn''t it?  Anyway, hope you enjoy it.[/quote]   Cheers Mr.C. Yes thats the one, I think both books are a great bit of NCFC nostalgia. Good read I think, just thought someone might like a copy
  3.   [quote user="Ruddygore"]I honestly feel the best posters on here are Purple Canary and Rudolph Hucker. They''re so well balanced they should get half a book each.[/quote]   Purple canary is a very interesting guy with intelligent conversation, but what about Ricardo?
  4. wow, a whole hour and no takers? Shocked. I was even prepared to pay for the postage to a fellow city fan. Ah well, the best laid plans and all that.....
  5. I currently have 2 copies of said book. I found this quite hard to source and ended up with 2 (long story!). Rather than sell one on ebay I thought I would give 1 copy away to the nicest poster on here (Ardee would have won hands down) This is genuine, so if you want it apply below.......
  6. marigold was apparantly an accountant or an architect before he had a tragic accident. A well loved character of Norwich
  7. [quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="NIN"]As celebrity cooks go, I would rather see Gordon Ramsey as our shareholder. What do you think?[/quote] I think you should have removed the opening "As" replaced the comma with an exclamation mark then stopped typing. [/quote] are all ralphs, arthurs, and wizards, knobs?? I think that is an interesting debate. scub the above
  8. and he certainly wouldn''t take any sh@t!
  9. As celebrity cooks go, I would rather see Gordon Ramsey as our shareholder. What do you think?
  10. alas my friend, you have missed the point..............
  11. well i think that this post proves that NONE of you are any better than delia. if you are not prepared to throw away your money, then why should she? nuff said
  12. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Completely off topic but Nine Inch Nails fans are about as rare round here as a binner with an IQ larger than his shoe size.[/quote]   guess i''m the exception to the rule then, I''m neither a binner or stupid, though im not sure which is worse!!!!
  13. The term ''put your money where your mouth is'' goes both ways you know. All you shareholders could have a major effect on the outcome here
  14. and the relevance of that is what???
  15. I''ll probably get shot for this, but whilst obviously it appears that Delia et al are not willing to sell their shares, (or give!!); why don''t the 25% - 30% who are supporters give their shares to Peter Cullum? He would be half way there, and for no cost. Just a thought....................
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