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  1. Peter Grant is not improving therefore should go as soon as possible. The bord seem incompitent of making the correct decisions for sacking!!! I hope Grant is proud of the torment he has caused the club bringing in poor players, giving poor tactics, upsetting everyone and frthermore putting us in bottom three. A superb trial manager I think should be Dion.
  2. How can norwich have any hope of gaining promotion in the next few years with such a poor team and management. it is totaly unjust that curiton should be left out of the side when he is our top goal scorer (4 goals). Also Strahavka is left out when he scored last game. What a brilliant reward!!! diddn'' t grant once say that they would be of a great help to promotion, if so why not play them. Isnt the point of a manager to bring in good players, sell bad players and put out the best team. I can''t see Grant doing any of this!!! Playing the Donky at the back, he is an absolute liability. he always lets the ball bounce or tugs at opposutions shirts it amasing how he doesnt give away more penalties. Although shackle wasnt completely back from injury he would have still have been a better choice. Having just three at the back in a 2-5-3 formation is better defencivly than including Docherty who should be sold at first opertunity eventhough Grant should have already done it last transfer window. Finaly why play Hucc''s out of position, it is just pointless as he is our best player say Dion and he just is not nearly effective anywhere else, surely Grant realises this by now he has tryed it enough. Sot the overall message to this post is SACK GRANT and CHANGE THE TEAM!!!   
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