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  1. For goals 13,14,&15, ( against Canvey Island ) there are some white houses overlooking the ground, and i was born in 1 of those houses, 62 years ago (next Friday is my 62nd birthday).

    He''s definitely too good for non-league football, i hope he can step up to championship level.

    He''s bit of a loose cannon, with his temperament, loads of yellow & red cards, and was injured in his last game for Dartford, with Gunny watching.  

    Good luck to the lad, he''s a natural goalscorer.

  2. [quote user="ncfc90"]


    Well after watching his first goal, he looks better than Cureton [:D]


    LOL. I was born in one of those houses you can see, in the first-half, overlooking Canvey Islands ground.    

    A Dartford fan, on the Norwich City mad, Online Football Management game website, told me last night that Bryan Gunn was watching  Dartfords game yesterday, and that decisions would be made today. I think he said Cody got injured. He also said that in the Dartford bar, they were saying he''d cost us £80,000.

    Cody looks a right nutter though, always getting cards/sent off. I think he''s scored 22 goals for Dartford since he joined them in mid October. 

  3. Evil Monkey wrote.......Canary George, can I be the first to say.............. WTF?!?

    LOL. Sorry folks. A Dartford fan on the Norwich City mad, Football Management site, tipped us off about Cody McDonald at the weekend, but me being not very bright, or clever with computers, i copied & pasted that from our Forum, and as you can see it''s not come out right.


  4. Cgeorge Team: City Re-born2009-01-25 16:26:46
    What, did they have yellow & green hat & scarfs then?

    AlfieWenger Team: Canire island2009-01-25 15:54:29
    But Your scouts was there

    AlfieWenger Team: Canire island2009-01-25 15:52:50

    thats allright then because he will get us in the playoffs

    We love u cody we do
    We love u cody we do
    We love u cody we do
    cody we love u

    Cgeorge Team: City Re-born2009-01-25 14:04:47
    How much are Dartford gonna pay us to take him.
    We''ve got no money.

    AlfieWenger Team: Canire island2009-01-25 13:45:55
    george you might have a new player the end of the season

    AlfieWenger Team: Canire island2009-01-25 13:45:04
    and now norwich city

    AlfieWenger Team: Canire island2009-01-24 23:31:34

    Cody mcdonald scouts watching him from charlton, palice and i think QPR. thets hopw we keep him till end of season so we get into the playoffs cody much better for this league

  5. [quote user="Canarygeorge"]

    A Dartford FC fan that i know, reckons scouts from Norwich, Charlton. Q.P.R. and Crystal Palace have been watching Dartfords Striker, Cody McDonald, in the Ryeman Premier league. He scored a couple yesterday.

    I suppose we''ve got scouts of varying status, watching loads of games all the time. 


    All Kent Non-League Football...Norwich eye Dartford hit-man McDonald

    Dartford striker Cody McDonald has been training with Norwich

    Dartford striker Cody McDonald has been training with Norwich

    by Tony Hudd

    Dartford top-scorer Cody McDonald trained with Norwich City in what could lead to a dream move to the Coca-Cola Championship.

    The 22-year-old striker joined in with the club''s first team squad on Sunday and Monday with a view to a move to Carrow Road.

    Darts manager Tony Burman accompanied McDonald to Norwich on Sunday but stressed that no deal had been struck.

    "Before Bryan Gunn was appointed manager, I was talking to him in his capacity as head of recruitment," said Burman.

    "So talks have been ongoing for some time. Throughout, Norwich have handled themselves professionally.

    "There has been no out-and-out offer so we can only wait and see what develops."

    Norwich are one of a number of League clubs who have expressed interest in McDonald who joined Darts from Maldon Town in October last year.

    Looks like my Dartford mate was right then.

  6. A Dartford FC fan that i know, reckons scouts from Norwich, Charlton. Q.P.R. and Crystal Palace have been watching Dartfords Striker, Cody McDonald, in the Ryeman Premier league. He scored a couple yesterday.

    I suppose we''ve got scouts of varying status, watching loads of games all the time. 

  7. [quote user="Alky McKay"]

    Ach away wi ya ye wee sassenach ye''ve nae chance of gittin thon job as ahm ginna be there mesel fer a second meet wi'' the boss hen.
     I''m Alky McKay fae Glesgae and in ma youth I was kent as ''White Lightning''mcKay fer ma terrifying skills on the streets of the Gorbals. I was captain of Bonnybridge Borstal football team throughout the entire 1980''s and afore I wuz banned fae a'' the footie grunds fer fechtin'' at un International match I wus on the books of Clydebank Thistle AFC.
     Ah''ve filled oot the wee questionaire thingy we were gi''en a'' the first of oor meetings wi'' the board last week Ah think ye''ll see whit I mean when I say it''s a done deal and ah''m gonna be Norwich manager before the week is oot.

    Question 1) Why are you applying for this vacancy?
    answer- Ma brother Kenneth who works in England heard the Charlton match an he telt me effterwards that it sounded like there was booze all around carrow road.

    Question 2) What experience do you have of man management?
    answer- There''s many a friday and saturday nicht ah''ve had to get ''wee'' Jimmy Duncan oot the ''Hairy Haggis'' at closing time and up the Sauchiehall rd afore his lovely wife Morag lock a'' the doors and throws his belongings oot on the street. If you can manage 24 stones of wee Jimmy I canna see thae wimpy footballers gi''en me any bother.

    Question 3) What experience do you have of football?
     I was captain of Clydebank Thistle AFC fer aboot 13 years aff and oan ( well actually more like in and oot but I dinnae want te let slip aboot the Jail time at a job interview ).

    Question 4) Do you have any illness or injury that might affect your ability to do this job?
    answer - Well my playing career wuz cut short by a terrible injury.

    Question 4a) Please specify:
    Ach!!! Well it was England versus Scotland at Hampden Park in the Euros and this sassenach english fan wuz lookin'' at me wrong like so I sez to him ''see you jimmy what''s your problem?'' An afore I ken it he had liftet twa fingers at me so I gie him a glesgie kiss just a wee tappit really but he must have landed badly because his nose and skull wuz fracturet an tae cap it a'' when the Bobbie came tae see whit a'' the commotion wuz aboot ah mist huf accidentally bumped inter ane or twa of them as well anywayz the injury wuz sae bad the Sheriff says I canna be allowed inta any futba ground in Europe ever agin.

    Question 4b) Could you work around this incapacity with support?
    answer - aye I could get that Canaries World and ma mobile is on a good contract with loads of free minutes.

    Question 5) We are constantly looking for ways to develop the club outside of football are you able too offer any input on off field projects?
    answer- Well ma wifie is a canny cook and does a mean deep fried Milk tray batter platter which is like a mixed grill for the sweet toothed and a very popular seller doon the local chippies. Wi'' Norwich being near the coast and France and that I reckon I could also nip over on the ferry on me days off and get some fags and baccy, I ken where tae get Regal fer £2 a packet you cud probably get a fiver on match days fer them.

    Question 6) Are you currently under contract and how much notice does your current employer need and are there any financial penalties applicable if you were to terminate your employment at short notice?
    answer- Aye ah do have a contract but that''s wi'' the probation people and I could just transfer it tae a local office. I''m currently in between jobs at the moment but I need to sign on next tuesday after that I''m free.

    Question 7) How much are you expecting in remuneration for this post?
    answer - well I dinnae ken really how much seems fair tae ye?

    Question 8) Do you know any Scottish footballers?
    answer - no.  (Actually I know loads they''re always down the ''Haggis'' but efter yon Peter Grant bloke this is one question I think it''s only fair to lie aboot on a job application don''t you?)

     Check oot ma Myface campaign and online petition fae the job. Vote early vote Alky!!!!


    1st Class credentials Alky. Gets my vote.

  8. I don''t know if this has been mentioned before, but what''s the idea of Crofty putting both his hands on the ball, just before Bell takes the free-kicks? It seems to produce some good free-kicks, but to me, it it seems that Crofty is commiting a hand ball offence. Surely the ref. has blown for the kick to be taken, when Croft "handles" the ball, or am i missing something. (marbles?)  

  9. Definitely season 62/63, when there was a big freeze from about December to March.

    Funny thing is, i don''t remember it being anything too unusual at the time. I didn''t have a cosseted inside job either, but was a butchers boy, and part of the job was to go out on the "trade bike" with the big wicker basket at the front, delivering to homes and businesses all over Yarmouth.

    In those day snow, 3-4 foot deep was normal. We just get a dusting of snow these days, and it causes chaos.

    Never seemed to feel the cold in those days, and we didn''t have the warm clothing that we have now. How different nowdays, with central heating warm clothing etc., i feel the cold more than ever.

    That old trade bike weren''t too good either. I remember one day, the brakes weren''t too good, and i came whizzing into the alleyway behind the shop, and nearlly wiped out Billy Fury & Marty Wilde, who were as shocked as i was. lol. Happy days.

    I worked in that shop for 2 years, before the call of the Merchant Navy got me. 



  10. Clingan being injured saves Glenn from having to drop Patty or Fozzy. I''d have Stefanovic as Captain.


    Semmy                           Kennedy                                                       Stefanovic (Captain)                   Berty

                    Rusty                                             Fozzy                                                Patty


                                         Lupoli                                               Sibierski

    Subs. Nelson,Omozusi, Grounds,Croft,Cureton. If Bell is nearing fitness, he''d replace Crofty, as Bell is more versatile, and better.  

    Defensive midfield 3 if needed, Front 3 can drop back to midfield, interchange, or bomb forward. Grounds can cover L/B or C/B with Berty moving to L/M, Omozusi can do the same on the right side. Curo to come on as impact player if needed.

    I realise i''ve selected 6 loanees, but as i understand it, we are allowed to due to Kennedy and Lupoli being "International Loans"

    Thats the difference this season. We''ve got options, and better players.

  11. I''ve never heard anybody have a good word for the Transfer windows as they are now. What was wrong with the way it used to be. Those days, the only Transfer Window was from the end of March til the end of season. What is the benefit of the way it''s conducted now ?

    It doesn''t help the big clubs, and sure as hill doesn''t help the small clubs. So why did they change it ?

  12. This Fantasy League is different from most of it''s type, in that it features The Championship players. It''s free to play, always a bonus.

    There is the main League, that everybody joins, and there are Super Leagues, for groups of fans to compete against each other.

    I''ve created a Super League, and you are welcome to join. Would you field a Team of 11 City players, or a mixture of  who you think would blend into the top squad from all the players in the Championship.

    To join this Super League, click on the link below, and then click on Super League, and enter the league name which is              xperteleven League  Password is xperts 


    Its free to enter via :-http://fantasyfootballchampionship.telegraph.co.uk/CleverTV/en/telegraph/tff/11/clienthome.do


    Only a few days now, til the big kick-off. Pick your team now, you can change the players as much as you like before kick off time.

    Any questions, just ask. 

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