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  1. When i was younger they used to call me "Mr Confusion" I thought i had got over that, but after this thread not so sure.

    So which 6 teams are you going put on Ray ? There seems to be 3 different lists.

    Anyway whatever 6 we end up with, good luck with the coupon. I think we''re going to need an extra slice of luck this week, lol.

  2. [quote user="colneycanary"]Delia is going to be on the one show friday at 7pm. Probably talking about her new book i should imagine.[/quote]

    Yeah, she''ll be doing the rounds promoting her book. She''s also gonna be on Radio Norfolk tomorrow morning at 10 am. She''ll be popping up everywhere in the next couple of weeks.

  3.                                                         Marshall

    Bates                     Doc                                         Shacks                          Berty

    Crofty                          Rusty                         Fozzy                                   Gibbs

    Henry                        Evans                   Dion                                   Hucks

    Subs...........Gilks, Patty, Semmy, Spillane, Martin.

    4-4-4, I like 4-4-4.

  4. [quote user="arrdee"]

    [quote user="canarygeorge"]Real Madrid go 4-0 up after 37 minutes. Looking good for 3 doubles and a treble. Sausages.[/quote]

    yes well done 7rew another £9-58p in the kitty , Is that correct George ?

    Yankee,2,Fellas,                   £177-13p


    Yes Ray, thanks to Arrdees Sausages. Proud Sponsors of the Yankee Bet.

    Real Madrid just about managed to protect their lead, hanging on for 7-0 win.

  5. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="foxile"]

    Let''s hope Ian Holloway will be on his way as well.


    OK, but not until after Saturday, eh ?

    We all know what the first result will be when a team is manager-less...

    [/quote]Didn''t work with Duffy though did it ?




    Personally, i think there should be more clubs in this division with "managers" like Robson, Grant,Duffy,Souness and Alan Shearer although Shearer thinks he is too good to be manager outside of the Premier League,( what a plonker)


  6. [quote user="cityangel"]

    Just saw it on the championship - what a goal [:)]

    Anyone know when he has to leave us, is it after the last league game?


    Thats right, C.A. He''s here til the end of the season, with no call-back clause. I presume that includes after the play-offs if we get that far,fingers crossed. 

  7. One of  those weeks again. Still 2 out 3 in the Yankee with Real Madrid still to play tomorrow 4 p.m. So thats £2.41 for the Spurs/Montrose double and Real Madrid should win tomorrow 3/10 odds would take it to £9.58. for 3 doubles and 1 treble.

    The main thing is Norwich got a Mamouth result today. Onwards and upwards!

    Arrdee''s Sausages. Sponsors of this weeks Yankee bet.

  8. [quote user="arrdee"]

    Yep the bet is on you lovely old pickers , thanks to 7rew,...

    West Ham-------------------4-5


    Real Madrid------------------3-10



    East Fife----------------------2-5

    Which will win £114-04p for the accumulator , and of course the first 4 are covered in a yankee bet ,( thanks arrdee meats for that )which could be anything we will have to wait and see what we win on that one . No doubt Canarygeorge will be the first one in with that . So thanks for that 7rew you have been brilliant .I fully expect to add you to my line of fame. Good luck all [Y] arrdee.

    Yankee,2,Fellas,                     £167-55p


    Well done Ray. And a special thanks for your generous sponsorship. Also thanks to Dixmar Racing for their continued generous sponsorship. Thanks Billy.

    The best part of these bets is we always get very good value odds from Billy. I looked on oddschecker for best/worst odds available and found the following.

    West Ham best 5/6 worst 4/6  We got 4/5

    Spurs    best 4/7 worst 4/9  We got 4/7

    Real Madrid best 3/10 worst 2/9 We got 3/10

    Montrose best 4/7 worst 4/9 We got 8/15

    Everton  best 4/7 worst 1/2  We got 4/7

    East Fife best 2/5 worst 1/3  We got 2/5 

    For people who understand betting odds you will know that we always get good value from Dixmar Racing. So thanks once again to Ray & Billy. Sausages !!!!!!!

    Well done to City in Cardiff a brilliant win ! Lets keep the Feelgood factor going with both bets coming in.



  9. [quote user="Polar"]Ah but wizard... did you not ensure dave jones won the manager of the month award and therefore is already cursed? do two curses not make a hex? enlighten me oh hexellent one

    As well as Dave Jones, Joe Ledley won the players award. So thats a double curse that worked last weekend when they lost to Stoke. Whether or not the curses will carry over to this week remains to be seen. I think we everything in our favour tomorrow to beat Cardiff. So come on Wiz, get Wizzing.   

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