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  1. Where is he? The last time I even heard him mentioned was against King''s Lynn, there has been no move to Scotland as far as I can remember since his loan to Moherwell last season, and judging by the players we have down the left now I can''t see him featuring anytime soon unless we have a major injury crisis.
  2. Do you think that maybe "faceless" Mr Evans is the banker from Deal or no deal, or possibly mr blobby?
  3. Quite frankly Wiz I don''t trust you: you change your colours more than a chameleon on caffeine tablets, and given your previous support for Roeder I was by no means surprised to see the title of this thread. Norwich are quite capable of getting the 7 points you claim is necessary in order to survive, however I would say that we need to get those points sooner rather than later, just for comfort more than anything. City ''Til I Die!
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