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  1. Hi guys. I''m a St. Mirren fan, and i was browsing the forum, just to see what Norwich fans made of signing Lappin. Peter Grant has done a good bit of business for you signing Lappin at such a cut down price and most Saints fan are sorry to see him go. He isnt the completed article at the moment, but you can be sure he will give 100% every time he plays. He is also one of the best crossers of the ball ive seen at Love St. in many a year. Dont expect to see him running at defenders and hitting the by line everytime he get the ball, because thats not his game, but given a half a yard of space he will play in some great crosses. He deserves a shot at playing at a higher level. I dont think anyone up here would deny him that, after he helped  us win the 1st divison  and the League Challenge Cup and helped with the good start we made in the Premier. Good luck to the guy.
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