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  1. Best time of year to change head coach! 
    New broom and plenty to chose from, whole transfer window and pre season ahead. Though appointee probably already sounded out. It seems very measured from Knapper, just waiting for the opportune moment for Wagner to fail having already pulled the rug from under him in.

    Oh for the times when there was only Dean Smith available cos he’d been sacked. 

  2. I don’t envy Wagner this call. Could well get turned over resting key players.

    I’d try to get ahead in the game playing our strongest side then sub early and hold out for the draw / win whilst knowing developments elsewhere.  If someone gets injured it’s hardly his fault but starting with a weakened team and it goes pear shaped would be catastrophic failure of historic proportions.  

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Satriales said:

    Gibbs getting an injury after about 10 seconds was unlucky though. He would have brought running and energy. 

    This was the problem and really unlucky. Hope it’s not serious. Without anyone to do the running up top to create space for our midfield the system collapses. 
    Some of our football was sublime and in the scheme of things we are a point nearer and a game less to the target. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    It's the rules. He's a professional player playing for the opposing team. He'd be letting his team down if he didn't make sure the ref was aware. Sure, it's gamesmanship, but gamesmanship is part of football and has been for as long as i can remember.

    I'm afraid the failure was Sainz kicking out pointlessly and giving the opportunity to send him off.

    If you can see him kicking out you’ve got better eyesight than me! 

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  5. Still angry! Violent conduct my xxxx! Impossible to read intention into Sainz movement. On the other hand there was intention from both Howson and Ayling to needle and rough him up hoping he’d blow up. I can only see Sainz exercising restraint in the face of that provocation. It is that which makes this one of the worst decisions I’ve seen. 

  6. He made no move with his feet towards Howson. He was if anything wanting to get up. It looks like he if anything avoided reacting. Even though Howson and Ayling had already been trying to wind him up. I hope Wagner backs him. It is one of the worst decisions I’ve seen.  Makes Beckhams World Cup red look like GBH. 

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  7. We should absolutely appeal. Even if the clowns give him an extra game it won’t make much difference. Wasn’t even a booking let alone a red. 
    I can’t believe I still watch football, the state of it. I gave up watching this game as soon as the red came out. Just beyond  pathetic. I feel sorry for the paying public who have been cheated once again. This is not the game I grew up watching. It is absolutely xxxx what the game has become.  Soft as xxxx. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, norwich canary said:

    Made 2 very good signings already

    what has knapper done , like everywhere at the club he hasn’t done anything , he really is a waste of space 

    Wow has 14 years of inferiority lead to this irrational obsession about our new sporting director? Jealous and sad. 

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