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  1. Zola makes more sense and ticks more boxes  the other three candidates with attacking style of play and experience in both divisions.Lennon (leading with my heart 1st choice) would be a risk and unproven in English leagues, Malky would be behind Zola with style of football and requiring a bigger budget leaving Adams as inexperienced but maybe a future prospect.Zola would be an good choice as we are now a Championship Club and we have to be realistic.

  2. If you get offered the job, don''t take it, not yet. Thanks for trying to help City out, now walk away for the time being and get some more experience. I don''t want Adams becoming another Gunn.I would accept Malky as next manager although he would be the bare minimum with managerial experience, would prefer him over Sherwood for example.We need to get promoted and not with someone leaning their trade.

  3. [quote user=" Zak Cartman"][quote user="Dibs"]

    So why after all the polls for Hughton to go the board has stuck two fingers up at us.

    [/quote]Which polls are these Dibs I wasn''t aware the club had held any such thing let alone several?[/quote]There has been several. EDP24 and the most notable was the Radio Norfolk phone in with 88% wanting Hughton out.

  4. Unlike Swansea the board acted in the best interest of their fans, so they say.

    So why after all the polls for Hughton to go the board has stuck two fingers up at us.

    I have never been so negative about going to watch our team thinking they will only go and lose.


    any one of the directors please take off your ''we love Hughton glasses''

    and act before the Man.City game. We are not going to win this game so

    we might as well appoint a new manager. I have no doubt if there no

    change the Boo Boys will be back in numbers.

    With Hughton''s style of play even Suarez or Aguero would fail to score.

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