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  1. Anywhere near the mid table is an epic fail.

    Our better players are not going to stick by Adams while he learns how to be a manager. It''s a catch 22 situation, the board wants to give Adams time, the players don''t have the time to wait and that means losing our best players and starting again while we sink through the division.

    The lower we fall, the less attractive we become to appoint a half decent manager.

    The best chance to put things right regarding change of manager is this season.

  2. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Totally Adams fault that the strikers can finishTotally Adams fault that Wesley was back to his worstTotally Adams fault that the midfield gave away possessionAnd Totally Adams fault we gave away a peno

    I think some of you guys need to lay off the drink for a few days, I know its crimbo and all but the bleating going on in here is scandalous[/quote]

    Adams took the job, he could have said no. If he said no we might have got us a manager.

  3. and only just.

    I wasn''t going to post but considering this message board is so quiet.....

    Still a lot to prove and yet to be convinced by Adams.

    The board on the other hand must improve their relationship with the fans instead of using us as cash cows, things will change for the worst very quickly.

    I have been their in the Chase days and pushed around by police on horseback, it''s going to happen again, I get that feeling.

  4. I know the CEO alone cannot make these decisions. If you were the CEO of a company and suggestions you keep making were being overruled you would tell them to stuff it and walk because you are unable to do your job.Delia and Co are the problem but until they sell, McNally is our only hope to try and make things happen.The purse strings are too tight to get any sort of reputable manager at this club. When did we ever get a top manager without trying lower leagues or the unemployed office?

  5. By broken I mean:

    We now have Supporters against the Board/Adams/Players and now each other.

    We also have Players reacting to the Supporters, things are now on a different level to normal banter.

    The Fix:

    Adams removal.

    Replacement is getting harder the longer we leave it and the further we fall.

    A manager would be a good start but I feel that ship is sailing by with the chances of poaching Eddie Howe or Mick McCarthy gone.

    The only quick fix is Phelan and to be given the role upto Christmas.

  6. Thanks HCS you are the only one who read and replied to my original post correctly. It was only meant for those who were considering not to renew their season tickets but like always you get trolled.

    Some of you should be ashamed as you are no better than cyber bullies and trolls. It''s quite easy, just read the question and reply with "I disagree" or give your view without attacking other posts.

    We all have different opinions and can be fans/supporters in our own right. This could be a family who cannot afford a season ticket or a pensioner who is unable to attend. This does not mean they are no longer a supporter as they don''t own a season ticket.
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