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  1. Nothing wrong with your view Deltic31 as I have similar concerns to.I don''t think that a few of us who share a similar view can get 5000+ booing, our fault then.There does seem to be 3 or 4 posters ready to defend the club through hell or high water, same number as on the board!!!. I wonder.

  2. The board must listen to the fans and ask why all the unrest.

    I have never felt so unhappy with the current lack of ambition coming out of our board, this is going to effect the players and so on.

    Even when we dropped in division one there was hope, never like it is now.

  3. [quote user="Newton"]Adams - sentimental cheapie, strong Norwich connection 3 year contract, gone within 12 mths - stinks of Delia

    Neil - Risky signing no Norwich Connection, 1 year rolling contract - definitely McNally

    Lets get behind Neil - Delia out[/quote]

    I have to agree with Newton. Some must see it has all the hallmarks of Delia when Adams was appointed and with the latest comments with McNally allowed to get his man, backs it all up.
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