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  1. if there is another big fat L in our results column come 1pm on Saturday I will personally man the border to ensure Worthless does not get back into Norfolk
  2. Is it too late for NCFC to mount a playoff push? With or without Worthless does anyone see it possible that (being only 9 points off) we could still make it into the playoffs, be form team etc etc I ask out of desperation of course, and because for me this is the only season we stand a chance of getting back into the prem. A managerial upheaval looks like the only possible catalyst for change and it''s impossible to see the current team playing with any desire from now. It’s one thing to be fighting tooth and nail to avoid relegation, it’s another (and entirely depressing) thing entirely to watch your team resign themselves miserably and slide towards their own demise. Long and short... Nige has done all he was ever capable of; let''s (1 year too late) see him out the door and move on. Quickly.
  3. This quote, taken from ''canaries.co.uk'' just about highlights the extent of Worthless'' grasp (or lack of) on things: "I heard Derby fans singing something about how the Premiership had ''messed'' us up. Maybe they are right and too many people''s heads are still in the Premiership instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting on with life in the Championship." Deep breath... Our performances last season were indicative of a side who experienced extreme difficulty acclimatising to the top division, in fact i would say that we never really ''had our heads in the premiership'' so how can it be that they are stuck there? Do quality premiership sides often have difficulty adjusting their play against lower division teams in the cup? rarely. if i was in any position of authority in the ncfc hierarchy and read this i would be incensed. last year was a travesty. this year is proving to be even worse and there can be only man held accountable. we see in sven an example of how bad man-management can cause a group of supremely talented players to underperform. from what i read or hear from worthless he seems to be out of touch and arrogant, believing himself to be immune from criticism on the basis that he has been successful in the past. ignore this tiresome rhetoric and take notice of what really speaks; performances.  
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