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  1. 29 minutes ago, glory.win or die. said:

    I'm still not sure what I think about this.. 

    Unethical yes but I'm not sure it makes a huge difference to results but even if it has I'm not sure they can be punished.

    I have seen this mentioned somewhere before but my bigger concern is what other things have they done we don't know about? Surely If spying on teams own training grounds was seen as ok, then spying on teams at elland road(bugging the dressing room) is possible.

    But who cares...we are destined to win league as the best and purest football team.

    The reason we're doing well is our pink walls! 

  2. It shows today that we are comfortable in passing around ourselves confident in attacking and defending, but missing that killer ball to open tightly organised teams up. We''re probably 1 or 2 players away from being a class side in this league. And team spirit is very high and farke although maybe not a great tactical changes is a fantastic man manager he made sure he congratulated every player and put an arm round for support and acknowledgement of their hard work today.

  3. Something I noticed last night and a bit on Saturday. Is every time we have a attack the crowed starts a bit of atmosphere, but then the screen shows a replay and it seems the whole ground just go silent while watching the replay. I Wonder if the screen is taking away some atmosphere and thus killing the crowed of getting behind the team which then stops the momentum with our game.

    I think the screen a good idea but maybe replays should be left for halftime like we had on the 1st game with stars.

  4. I sit in the lower river end, I found the screen is pointless. Its too small to be able to read the squad text so was unable to know who was playing, think it would be better if it was in the vertical possession filtering between the 2 teams for the line ups. and rotate to landscape for highlights and stats. I did see 1 highlight shown during the match of murphy elbowing their keeper. Which surprised me as didn''t think clubs could show replays. just feel it would be better twice the size.

  5. The reason for the restriction is due to the stadium capacity is going to be increased at the end of this season if we stay up. And for the majority of next season the ground capacity will be reduced to under 22k meaning not all season ticket holders will be able to have the opportunity to maintain their season ticket and the club will be selling next season tickets on an auction site to get the best possible price. There will be some PR about saying how they offered x amount of tickets to secure your season ticket at the same price earlier in the season therefore it is your fault for not being able to renew
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