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  1. After attending the Forum at Beccles last night,i left with many other concerned,not surprised people. The future possible signing of Darren Huckerby was the main topic of the evening. I''m afraid each question was replied with DOOM & GLOOM !!!!!! WHAT A SURPRISE !!!!!!!! The current board just still don''t have the AMBITION !!!!!!! & are afraid of taking the club further on the pitch, which was directed at them by a disgruntled fan & friends. They seem more than happy to just become a top 10 Division 1 club with the best stadium. Mr Barry Skipper our "VICE CHAIRMAN" has no AMBITION, all his answers were replied with DOOM & GLOOM (nothing positive) & is holding the club back with his dated views. Mr Neil Doncaster "THE FACE OF NCFC" gave the same answers we hear all the time "we have a plan & it takes time"!! (but how long is this plan ??) If only Darren was there to hear the answers,he would understand he''s just here on loan till December & returning to ("MR KEEGAN AS MR SKIPPER STATED ") Man City. Doug Livermore gave his views & hopes the player stays permantly & it seems to be falling on DEAF EARS !!!!! Worthy,coaching staff & players must be feeling DEJAVU !!!!!!!! Its going to be along winter ahead without the services of DARREN (PLAYER OF THE MONTH ) HUCKERBY !!!! Prediction 12th . Has anybody seen or heard of DELIA recently ??????
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