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  1. Cheers for all your kind words lads and lasses..... I do fear that we are losing a bit of bottle just at the crucial time but looking at the broader picture, if someone said this time last year that we''d be 3rd in the league with a crack at the playoffs I''d have laughed them outta here! I too have a massive soft spot for Norwich ever since the 85 friendly final - Proper team, proper supporters, proper CITY (take note Tractor ****ers). Been to Norwich as many times as to your scumbag rivals..... I have never encountered any animosity at Carrow road - whereas at Portman Road they are anal - when they beat us the other week they were more obsessed with giving us the immensely intelligent "V''s" and "****er" signs than cheering on their own team - they''re the Spurs of East Anglia for me (yawn, we''re a massive club yawn) Anyway rant over, lets see a few of you up at the SOL for the last Nationwide friendly fixture - Harbour View is the place to go for a pint..... definitely buy a few if I see the yellow and green kit in there! Last rant - 3 reasons to hate Ipsw*ch Bobby Robson Darren Ambrose Keiron Dyer 3 reasons to like Norwich 1985 Cup Final You''re not Ipsw*ch You''re not N*wc*stle Goodnight all, enjoy your promotion party - god knows you deserve it!!
  2. Lol!!! You can tell that absolutely EVERYTHING is in order at a club when someone has to start that thread!! Good luck and enjoy it for every single minute.....it''ll happen on Weds cos we never ever beat Palace down there
  3. Do us a favour and win the league - it would be pitiful if ten men behind the ball tactics Albion won this league. You lot have been the most consistent performers all year and thoroughly deserve your success. Do it in style, and then cross your fingers it''s us and not that team from down the road from you that come through the playoffs
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