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  1. May I just say in The Nest''s defence that columnist rules are different to those of the forum and were clearly laid out in the guidelines before any of the offending comments were made. I don''t know why this information is being released on here tho as it was a private matter that was resolved and closed in private and is not for public consumption.

  2. Thanks for your interest Anderz its sounds very much as though

    you know at lot more than us on the subject and your post was not recieved in a

    disparaging way my friend. Our logo unfortunately doesn''t make any sense at

    present and is a replica of the dharma out line, but we would certainly welcome

    any input you could give us on that particular subject so we could make a

    meaningful and relevant logo for the future. Due to the nature of our site,

    which you will no doubt see soon, the level of interaction is quite high and we

    actively encourage all user comments and suggestions.

  3. Congratulations on your conection, you are indeed right the logo is based on ancient i-ching hexagrams like the Dharma Initiative logo, which I might add are certainly not exclusive to dharma or the lost creators. The art work of the swan would be perhaps be considered a breach of copyright but we don''t use that.

    In responce to ZLF the creators are Lost fans so the logo and orientation videos are spoofing the series and are in no way a reflection on our personal views on the club

  4. From what i''ve heard the site will be fully functional from any PC you use, but the promotional videos required flash. So I guess theres no need to worry, and heres the link to register direct to avoid the flash:http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=new_user

  5. Career Statistics

    ClubFromToFeeLeagueFA CupLeague CupOther










    West Brom30/08/200430/01/2006








































    Goals / Game













    Earnies career statistics would disagree with you! The guys a legend.

  6. [quote user="FatboySlimfast"]

    You protesters should be ashamed of yourselves, you make me sick.


    People like you make me sick. Trying to make those people feel guilty

    for having a differing opinion and outlook to you.

    Why do you people on this board insist on having this stupid "I''m a

    better supporter than you" argument all the time? It doesn''t happen on

    any other boards to this extend. We''re all bloody supports whether we

    protest or not. Whether we want Worthy in or out! We all have differing

    outlooks and ambitions and expectations. Does that make people better

    supporters? No it doesn''t. The people protesting have the right to do

    it, if its done in the right atitude without threats and intimidation.

    Likewise those who want him in are entitled to sing Worthys name and

    back him to the hilt. Never in my time supporting City have I seen fans

    at each others throat like I have this season. Let people do what they

    want. We''re all paying customers. We all support our team in our own

    individual ways. Not meaning to pick on you specifically but you and

    many others need to grow up. Question peoples opnionions

    yes,butquestioning their support. Surely your just trying to have a

    cheap dig. I know 5 year olds who act with more maturity!

  7. I didn''t sing otbc. I didn''t clap the players on either. Should I not

    bother going even tho I''m a ST holder who travels away aswell? I can''t

    muster the enthusiasm to sing and clap all the way through anymore atm.

    Its just sheer crap. Don''t judge people on the volume they make. Maybe

    the guy as muscular problems and has had a trachioctomy. Who are you to


  8. [quote user="rocky marshall"]So 500 is a majority in relation to how many of 25,000 that didnt turn up but attend each week, even if added to the ''masses'' who couldn''t make it! Many would have benn there for good old nosiness and because they had nothing better to do![/quote]


    Does it matter how many turned up? The fact is it was a cross section of support showing a massive majority in favour of a change!

  9. You talking about "On the Ball City"?
    Surely everyone knows that or are you a new comer? If so welcome aboard!

    "kick it off,
    Throw it in,
    Have a little scrimmage.
    Keep it low,
    Splendid rush,
    Bravo! Win or die!

    On the ball City
    Nevermind the danger,
    Steady on,
    Nows your chance,
    Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal.....


  10. Done a little digging around appears Etuhu may have gone a little stale recently according to his stats aswell as by mere observation. Maybe a change is just what he needs

    Dickson Etuhu
    Position: Midfield
    Place of Birth: Kano, Nigeria
    Date Of Birth: 08/ 06/ 1982 (age23)
    Height: 6''2
    Weight: 13st 0lbs

    So far this season has got 2 goals in 13 games (706 mins). Has not always made Prestons starting 11 (only six times) Has played a full 90mins 5 times this season, read into that what you will.

    This Season
    Appearances: 6(7)
    Goals: 2
    Yellow Cards: 1

    Not great reading in my eyes and his career stats don''t differ to much from that failing to make the starting line up 16 times in 38 apps plus only 2 goals last year!!!! Not great for a goal scoring midfield. Looked pretty hand before that tho so maybe what they say about losing interest at PNE is true

    apps goals

    Preston 2004 - 05 League 22 (16) 3

    Preston 2003 - 04 League 23 (8) 3

    Preston 2002 - 03 League 33 (6) 6

    Man City 2001 - 02 League 11 (1) 0
    Preston 2001 - 02 League 16 (0) 3

    PNE officail site description

    Dickson bears the mantle of being the last of David Moyes'' signings for club and the legacy the Everton manager left at Deepdale is a bright one indeed, so much so that it is often rumoured that the former Deepdale boss still coverts this midfield Dynamo.

    Likened to Patrick Viera by many, in both looks and style, Etuhu is an energetic midfielder with a good engine for getting up and down the pitch. He also weighs in with his fair share of goals and is particularly dangerous with his head from corners.

    Etuhu graduated from the same Manchester City Academy that produced the likes of Shaun Wright-Phillips, Joey Barton and North End''s very own Tyrone Mears. He qualifies for both England and Nigeria at international level, and almost received a shock call-up to the Super Eagles 2002 World Cup camp after impressing in a training camp.

    Last season was a disappointing one by Dickson''s standards starting just 21 games, with just one of those coming in the last 17 of the season but he is determined to stamp his name on the North End squad.

  11. I''m sorry but I find this thread not only patronising but pointless (and you contradicted yourself at the end too) Look at the like of Bolton and Charlton 15 yrs ago some of their fans probably thought the same thing and it happens. True it might not but why not live with the dream of going onto bigger and better things. I''m sure you might have laughe in the face of anyone who told you Norwih would one day be killing off one of the biggest side in Europe and coming 3rd in th top flight. Of course it would have been a pipe dream to canary fans back then but it happened. The fact is that people are not happy with the way things now and understandably expect better things. We all know we shouldn''t be propping up this league like we currently do.

  12. Was never really bothered about football. I was 11/12 when I was taken to my 1st game by a student teacher at school. (some of you might remember him. Adam Aitken - He wrote our match reports for the Gaurdian) It was a 0-0 draw with Westham and was the game sandwiched between the 2 Bayern legs "back in the day" ha ha. I just caught the bug. Loved the buzz I got from the game and been going ever since.

  13. [quote]Ok I am imagining I''m one of the players, I am watching streams of people leaving............. Oh no while I was watching mass droves of fans leaving I forgot to mark the opposing centre forward and h...[/quote]

    Wouldn''t make a great proffesional then would you? Make sure you don''t sign this guy nige, he''s got a concentration problem!

  14. Have to admit I was right in the midst of those "young supporters" at the back of that stand last night who gave you that abuse! The same youngsters that indeed nearly started a brawl with fellow supporters as we left the ground! I''m not going to defend them but they are basicly kids and don''t know what supporting a club is about. Earlier that day one of them told me when he''s about 20 he''s not gonna go for the football anymore but for the rucks (and he''s brining a knife too!) Well why bother coming now then pal?
    Seem these people have a warped sense of what supporting a club is about - So you left on 87mins so what?
    Just because they''ve seen "Football Factory" doesn''t make them better supporters than anyone else, and because they a have "ideals" about what loyal support is that differ from others is no excuse to lauch abuse at fellow supporters!
    The fact you traveled at sat through most of what was a diabolical perfomance suggests you are a true fan and should be proud of yourself.
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